Five on Friday: fall feelings

After basically an entire summer of zero rain, it's like BAM it's back! And Fall is here! We've been experiencing much cooler temps, gray skies and rainy days since this past weekend and I don't hate it. I love having the windows open and feeling that crisp breeze blowing through the house.

Considering where we live, it's crazy that Hunley has seen very little rain in his short life and is totally confused by it. I'm really thankful it was sunny and dry for most of his house training better get used to the drizzle my little Pacific Northwest puppy...

The sudden shift in weather has totally got me in the pumpkin mood. Is it too early to start decorating?? Our red, white and blue wreath seems out of place now but my Trick or Treat sign seems a little premature. I think I need just a simple fall wreath for the interim. Here's my inspiration. I've started picking up pine cones on my walks with Hunley.
I walked into the grocery store the other day and was about knocked down by the unmistakable scent of cinnamon broom. Gosh I love that!! It's a sure sign that fall is upon us and I felt totally justified in purchasing 5 velvet pumpkins. I have been eyeing these for a long time and could only find really expensive ones. If you want to splurge these gorgeous ones have actual real pumpkin stems!  But I found a bunch of knock off ones at Marshalls and Safeway for under $15, so go crazy!! I sure did!
I'm going to have to get back out the cooler weather clothes soon which seems ridiculous because I just packed them up in June... which was yesterday. Plus I barely got to wear any of my favorite summer dresses this year because this isn't South Carolina and people don't dress up and it's just wasn't ever that hot here.   But I am looking forward to wearing boots again. I think I need a couple new pairs...
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It's my 5th homecoming reunion this fall. I cannot believe it! I have been out of college longer than I was in college and yet those years still loom large in my mind. It feels like just yesterday we were freshmen. The stories are still fresh, and the friendships even stronger.  I went my first and second year out of college but I haven't been back for homecoming since.  Maybe this is the year.


  1. Did it hail near you yesterday??? (Since we live so close now!) Caleb had never experienced hail before and he was in awe of it! ;-)

  2. It was too hot for sundresses?!! You must be from the south because all of us natives were just dying from the heat or at least I was! That Pinecone wreath has me convinced I need to go on some pinecone hunts with Ellie in the very near future!

  3. I love the photos you shared and look forward to hearing about new boots, Hunley peeing in the rain, and whether or not you go to homecoming. Let us see your new wreath, too, please!! :)

  4. That pine cone wreath is darling! Perfect for a fall front door!

  5. Although I'm bummed that this coming weekend is our last weekend the pool is open, I'm getting excited for fall. Ready for cooler weather - esp when Olivia only wants to play outside - pumpkin everything, apple picking, and fall clothes!

  6. We've got plenty of pinecones on the lot, but I need you here to make my wreath. And work my TV : )

  7. I feel like a traitor for saying this, but I'm totally enjoying the cooler, more Fall-like weather, too! It's just been such a hot, dry summer... the rain actually feels like a nice cool, refreshing break!


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