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I've Got Sunshine

Sometimes the metro isn't all bad. It's rare but true.
Occasionally I walk down to my station after work and get to enjoy this:

{If the video doesn't appear, here is the YouTube link.}
Please excuse the poor quality. I took it on my phone and metro insists on keeping their stations really…


This past weekend I was in town but not at home. I ended up staying the entire weekend at a friend's house in the city celebrating a visiting-out-of-town friend's birthday. The weekend included a house warming party, brunch followed by naps and movies on the couch, an 80's cover band …

To My Dad

Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful dad! I so wish I was with you today. Thank you for all your love and constant support and for the many adventures we've had over the years. You can never know how much I love you!

Do More

I have settled into a comfortable routine in D.C: wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, do nothing, go to bed, rinse, repeat.
One day, I want to look back on my time in D.C (pretty sure I won't live up here forever) and remember all the stuff I did. All the amazing things I was a part of.…

thank you cards

Just had to share this awesome deal: Hurry over to Tiny Prints for 50% off all thank you cards!!

Here's what I picked up:


I'll admit...

I have been very stubborn and slow about jumping on the e-reader train. I was decidedly anti e-reader. I was proud of my big books that I haul around in my purse and stack up high on my bedside table.
Plus, owning an e-reader meant I might never fulfill my dream of a home library with floor to ceil…

that's all my iphone has to say about that

I've really enjoyed dragging out my birthday celebration over the past few days. dinners out with my boyfriend, my roommates and family, plus lots of sweet treats has made me one happy girl! Thanks for all the happy wishes on my last post! Hope everyone had an equally lovely weekend!

on the eve of 24

I just can't quite wrap my head around the fact that I am going to be 24 tomorrow. I have this fear that I'm going to be hit with a wave of unfinished business because you're supposed to have stuff figured out by your mid twenties right?
Leaving 23 behind is ok with me though. Peter is c…