Tuesday, February 27, 2018

7 Months with Tommy

My baby is turning into such a big little boy! How is he already 7 months? How is he more than half a year old? He's basically a giant in this chair now and it makes me so proud and fills me with unspeakable joy to watch him grow while simultaneously making my heart ache with a deep longing for time to slow down! Please, for the love!!

Weight: 19lbs
Height: He literally never stops moving his legs so it's anyone's guess?
Clothing Size:  solidly in the 9 month sizes now
Diaper Size: Size 3
Milestones: He is officially a full fledged sitter and he is about to crawl any day now. He pushes up on his arms and even gets his knees up under him and then rocks back and forth. He's starting to get a little frustrated if he sees something he wants out of reach and can't get to it by rolling. For some reason he will only roll from his back to his front in one direction which gets him most places but also gets him stuck under the tv cabinet. You can just look at him and see he's trying to work out how to move forward. I am so excited to see him on the go but also not sure I'm ready to keep up with him just yet! He is already so busy and squirmy.
Eating: Still nursing of course but we've ventured into the world of solid foods!! It's incredibly messy and incredibly adorable. He's tried pureed carrots, peas, apple, banana, pear and spinach. He's also tried squash and sweet potato which are not his favorites and he makes the funniest faces but will eat them if they're mixed in with another fruit. He's also attempted to feed himself small bites of avocado, not pureed, which mostly ended up in the high chair. We don't really follow a regular eating schedule and are still mostly just exploring and trying things as he feels like it and keeping it fun.
Sleeping: Just last week he rolled over onto his stomach in the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit, which is not rated for stomach sleep, so just like that it was goodbye to the sleepsuit and I didn't even get to savor his last nap in that adorable marshmallow suit. I was worried it was goodbye to sleep in general but that night we put him in a Halo sleepsack and after immediately flipping onto his stomach he slept through the night! Twelve hours!! I woke up leaking everywhere but seriously felt like a new woman. So now he's officially a stomach or sometimes side sleeper and he moves all around and likes to sleep up against the sides of his crib. And even though I spent the first couple of nights worried he would stop breathing or get his arms stuck in the crib slats we've had better sleep these past couple nights than ever! He also became a thumb sucker which is a game changer in the self-soothing department and probably the most precious most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life! He takes two or three good naps a day during which I get tons of stuff done around the house scroll through instagram and then he goes down for bed between 6:30-7:30pm.
Favorites: Sticking out his tongue and blowing bubbles, reading/chewing on books, trying to pet Hunley and see what silly thing Hunley's doing now, jumping in his little jumper thing, laughing at animal sounds (particularly "cock-a-doodle-doo"), knocking down those stackable donut rings, yelling, squealing and growling like a "babysaurus," riding up in the grocery cart like a big boy, staring people down with his soul piercing, all knowing baby blues, sitting on daddy's shoulders,  bath time, still, of course, and making huge open mouth, scrunchy nose smiles that light up his whole face and tell me that I'm gonna be in serious trouble when he starts asking for things because how will I ever say no to that face with those dimples?

Not His Favorite: Anytime I try to wipe his nose. Hates it.
I think I say this every month but this is such a fun age!! Seeing his head lift up off the crib mattress, and then flash me that gummy smile in the mornings when I come into his room, knocks the rust right off my soul, no matter how many hours of sleep I got. And now that we've got a bit of a routine mostly figured out (for now at least) he's just the happiest little guy to go and do things with. Spending my day carrying around this lug, doing anything and everything to make him laugh, is my greatest privilege! So thankful that God chose me to be your mama sweet boy! 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A family Vacation to San Juan Island

When T.J. and I first arrived back in Washington after tying the knot we took a quick little trip up to the San Juan Islands which we lovingly referred to as our "mini-moon" (here's that old post).  Now, a little over three years since that first trip, and plus one baby boy, we headed back to the same sweet little spot where we started out our married lives, this time for our first real family vacation. Apparently we only like to visit this island in the Pacific Northwest in the off-season but for us it was just the perfect getaway.

Getting there is a bit more complicated, though less stressful than flying to Hawaii which we considered, but since we could drive there it meant I could bring alllllll the things from home that Tommy might need for a week away. We decided to split our travel time into two legs and left home Monday late afternoon once T.J. got home from work. We'd booked a hotel up in Bellevue, about an hour away from us, for the night. This meant that we could take our time and didn't have to worry about getting through Seattle traffic.

His first time in a hotel was a big hit!
In the morning we grabbed breakfast and then got back in the car to drive the next two hours to Anacortes to meet our ferry. We passed the hour and half ferry ride walking laps around the passenger deck and keeping our eyes peeled for whales.
Once we arrived in Friday Harbor we grabbed a bite for lunch and then stopped by the grocery store to grab a few things so we could make meals in our cabin during the week. That night I made soup and we snuggled in to watch movies and relax before our big day tomorrow.

One of the things the San Juan Islands are known for is whale watching tours. February isn't the ideal time for whale spotting but it was something we didn't do on our previous visit and we knew this was probably our last chance to go out. We booked with Maya's Legacy Tours for our first full day on the island. It's a three hour excursion which caused me a little anxiety since Tommy is on a really great nap schedule and we knew we would be pushing his limits.  But basically we decided what the heck! Either he'd have a melt down or not and you gotta live your life!
And I'm happy to report that Tommy did great!! It was super bumpy and bouncy which he seemed to enjoy mostly and he just sat bundled up in T.J.'s lap taking it all in and staring down all the other passengers on the cruise with us. Sadly we didn't see any orcas but we saw tons of seals and Steller sea lions and so many bald eagles and the sun even came out so I'd say it was a good trip! It was a neat way to see more of the islands and a part of the Pacific Northwest coast that I probably never would have explored otherwise.
The next day we ventured into Roche Harbor for lunch. This is a cute little resort town on the island with beautiful vacation rentals and just a few little boutique shops and restaurants. It is also the site of an old lime kiln that was in use until the 1950s. We had sandwiches and clam chowder at the Lime Kiln Cafe and made plans to come back to the town for dinner the next night.
It started sprinkling while we were out and then Tommy fell asleep in the car so we drove around the island stopping at a few scenic overlooks before heading back to our cabin.
While we tried to get out for a walk or an outing of some sort each day, we spent a good chunk of the time just relaxing in our cabin, reading, playing on the floor with Tommy, watching the Olympics. We also watched a movie pretty much every night after we put the baby down to bed. At home during the week T.J. and I go to bed not too long after Tommy so it was nice to really take advantage of this vacation and enjoy more alone time snuggling on the couch in the evenings. 
On Friday night we went to dinner at McMillan's in Roche Harbor and it was so good I didn't take any pictures. Even though we had the little guy as our third wheel, it felt like a really indulgent date night! We had the best oysters I've had in a while, cracked right before they were served to us,  and then I had yummy pasta with shrimp, scallops and salmon. Best of all we didn't even have to rush through the courses or ask for the check as soon as we sat down like we normally do. Tommy was simply content to sit on his daddy's lap and then in the high chair while we ate and had adult conversation and dreamed about the future. We even got dessert!! It had been a while since we'd ventured out with Tommy to a nicer restaurant but after that success I am feeling totally brave enough to do it more now!

On Saturday, we attempted to check out the old American camp on the Southern part of the island but it was sooooo windy that we quickly hurried back to the car and instead went in to Friday Harbor for lunch. We grabbed fish n' chips at The Bait Shop and then went to browse around our favorite used bookstore, Serendipity Books, that we discovered our first time there. 
That night I made dinner and we got mostly packed up since we were leaving early the next day to head home. It's always hard to head back to reality after having T.J. home during the week. He is such an amazing helper with Tommy and Tommy just loved having extra cuddle time with his daddy whom he doesn't get enough of during busy work days and call nights. And even though most people would probably recommend visiting San Juan Island during the summertime, I love that the island felt like a quiet and cozy retreat, and we never had to worry about parking. I couldn't have asked for a better time than five days away with my two favorite boys. Although... after the past couple days of snow, maybe next February I wouldn't say no to a different sort of island. Something tropical, perhaps.