Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Hodgepodge

1. What makes you stand on your feet and cheer?

Hearing a huge crowd sing the National Anthem, like at a baseball game or at an Olympics Medal ceremony in another country- so powerfully patriotic! (I'm sensing that's the theme of these questions).

2. What is your favorite patriotic song?

God save the Queen... Just kidding! My Country Tis' of Thee!

3. Do you believe that opposites attract? If you have a significant other are you opposites?

Initially, yes, sometimes. It is nice to have someone who balances out your personality. You're stubborn and they're not (Peter and I are both stubborn for the record, that was just an example). You're shy and they take you out of your comfort zone. But I don't think it always applies where interests or beliefs are concerned. I think you have to share the same the core values and general interests. Peter and I are pretty similar in that we both love to try new things, we're outgoing and personable and social. Where we are opposites is I "wear my heart on my sleeve" and Peter tends to keep his feelings to himself. But I think that's more of a "men are from Mars, women are from Venus" kind of difference.

4. Where would you want to get a "behind the scenes look?"

I would love a behind the scenes look into a ballet company. The furious rehearsals and classes, the backstage frenzy of pointe shoes and tutus. All the effort that goes into making the final production look effortless.

5. How far would you have to travel to ride a merry-go-round?

I can't say I'm that familiar with the distance to my local merry-go-round. Not sure we have a local merry-go-round but I'm not all that far from a Six Flags.

6. When was the last time you saw fireworks? What was the occasion? Do you enjoy fireworks?

Last 4th. I saw them from my car as I was driving home from work. The past 2 July Fourths I have spent working. This year that will not be the case! In fact I am going to spend it our nations capital! I am banking on some stellar fireworks!

7. Of all the beauty products you own, what item do you consider to be the most overpriced?Nail polish. That tiny little bottle of pretty paint that costs almost $10. Maybe if I stuck to Wet n' Wild it wouldn't feel so ridiculous but I am a bit of a nail polish snob and prefer O.P.I or Essie. In fact yesterday I got a new color: Essie's Clambake. If I'm being honest I bought it partly for the name!

8. I recently ordered some solutions to the storage problem in my bathroom (there is no storage). It was delivered the other day and last night I got around to assembling it. It would have probably taken me less than an hour had everything been sent to be correctly- but when does that ever happen? Fortunately I'm good with a drill and was able to make new holes to correct the mis-alignment.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lake Weekend: Part 2

Picking up where we left off yesterday....After a fun night celebrating in downtown Hunstville we still managed to get up at a relatively decent hour. We popped some Sister Shubert rolls in the oven, threw on bathing suits and lathered on the SPF. After breakfast we hurried down to the boat-not wanting to waste a minute of the sunshine. We decided to go to "the cliffs" and 3 of us decided to tube all the way there. However it was more of a leisurely ride rather than an extreme tubing experience.

When we reached the cliffs I was feeling a little less fearless than I may appear in the above photo. I don't know what was more scary-climbing up slippery wet rocks or actually jumping off. I wore my life jacket which made for less cute pictures but a less paranoid me. There was a lower ledge to jump from but my thoughts were if I'm going to climb all the way up here, I'm going off the high one. Trust me it's a lot higher than it looks-the girl taking the pictures was quite a distance away. (Parents- aren't you glad I'm telling you about this after the fact?)

Later I got to water ski! I first learned to do this when I was about 9 or 10 and it's been quite a few years since I've done it, so I was pleased to learn that it came right back to me!

That evening, when the sun started to drop, we went for a boat ride to this bat cave. Basically when the sets, hundreds of thousands of bats flood out of the cave for their night time hunting. It was pretty cool and pretty creepy at the same time. I'm not the biggest fan of bats since my dad always said "they'll get in your hair and make you go crazy."

The ride there was the best part. Can't beat this view:

Or the company:

That night one of the girls made a yummy frittata and a salad and we ate outside around their fire pit. We also roasted marshmallows.

That night we just relaxed (I was definitely a little sore from skiing) and then we called it a night. Our flights out the next day were thankfully later in the afternoon so we had time for a little more sun. Enough time for me to get sunburned and soak in as much time with my friends as possible.

I hate saying goodbyes so it was more like a "see you soon." I definitely hit the jackpot in the friendship lottery! Every time I see these girls I can't believe how blessed I am to have such loving, fun, loyal friends in my life! Hopefully some of them can come stay with roomie and I in D.C later this summer. *Hint hint*

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bikinis, Boats and Besties

It's hard to do justice to a most wonderful weekend! I left work Thursday, hopped on the Amtrak and then an airplane and in no time I was in Hunstville, Alabama with six of my best friends! We did so much in the too-short time we had with each other but most importantly, we caught up on each other's lives!

A weekend with my besties was just what I needed. I took no less 150 pictures! Not even exaggerating!
We spent most of the weekend in our bathing suits-soaking up some much needed sun and enjoying the beautiful lake. (I semi-promised not to include too many bikini pics so I am a little limited. hehe). I asked myself no less than a hundred times "why do I not live at the lake full time?" Friday we were out on the water all day. We cruised around for a while, and did some rope swinging.
That's me flying through the air!
In the later part of the afternoon we heard a little thunder and decided to head back to the house. We put the pedal to the metal but didn't quite make it....
Even our fearless driver couldn't handle the pelting rain.
So we hunkered down under a bridge and waited for the hurricane to pass. (We may have had a few dozen missed calls from the girl's dad...)

After we survived our storm we had dinner and got ready to go downtown Hunts-vegas to celebrate a friends 23rd bday! It's so much more fun curling your hair and getting dolled up, with a few friends to laugh with!
More to come-stay tuned for part 2! I'm still uploading photos!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Early Weekend

As of 5:30 pm today I will be on my way to the airport to start my self-made 3 day weekend. Please excuse my absence as I will be...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Hodgepodge of the Summer!

I am always so last minute with the hodgepodge. And today I made the mistake of reading my mom's answers before writing my own- she always has the best answers!! Maybe it's because she comes up with the questions... oh well, I tried!

1.Summer's here! What's your favorite sight, sound and smell of summer?
Sight-The ocean at the end of the day, when I'm still sitting in my chair with a good book and the sun is getting a little lower and it's not as hot and I just don't want to go inside. Ever.
Sound- The waves washing in and out over millions of shells.

Smell- Sunscreen and sand. Did you know smell is the biggest memory trigger? One whiff of sunscreen when I unpack my summer wardrobe from storarge and I'm back to last year's vacation. Or that vacation from 10 years ago. Ok I will move away from this question now.

2. Fireflies or lightning bugs-what are they called in your neck of the woods?Lightning bugs- and I can so clearly see myself running around the neigborhood with tupperware in hand with holes in the lid trying to capture them.

3. What is something from this past week that reminded you of your childhood?
See above answer- the lightning bugs are out in full force and so is the honeysuckle- takes me back to simpler days.

4. Define the good life.
Easy as that right? Please refer to Kenny Chesney's song "The Good Stuff."

5. Tell us what we'd see if you took a snapshot of your desk/ work space.
At home my desk is covered in picture frames and postcards and pretty notpads and a trinkets from England (like a red telephone box that doubles as penny bank). It's all very cute. My desk at work is all business. I try to jazz things up by using pink highlighters but I definitely need to bring in some pictures or a cute mousepad. Something that's girly but coordinates with all the yellow legal pads scattered about.

6. Peaches or watermelon?
Peaches- I love them! I even love the fuzzy texture.

7. Ever been skinny dipping?
I honestly don't think I have. And that makes me kinda sad. I feel like that's something everyone should do at least once.

8. Tomorrow I will be on my way to the lake!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Missing the Family

Sadly it did not work out for me to go home this past weekend and I sorely missed spending father's day with my dad. I so wish I could have told him in person how important he is in my life and it would have been nice to have given him a big hug-squeeze-kiss!

But he had just returned from India, they had a work friend staying with them, and I wouldn't have been able to get in until quite late. Hugely disappointing. There is nothing better than a couple days at home to refresh my spirits and to trick me into thinking I don't miss them so much. Sigh... so we plow forward and we will have to plan for another weekend.

Our family and extended family have NEVER lived close to one another. It's just normal to me that vising a relative requires planning and a long car trip or a plane ticket. I have no idea what it's like to live in the same town as grandparents and cousins and parents. I'm pretty jealous of people who have the luxury of seeing their relatives more than just at Christmas time- sadly it's something I've gotten used to.

Ok. I am getting off my pity party now because I've remembered that I have a second family!

Dear friends who are like sisters to me (and in some of us are "sisters")! And I am so excited because I get to see them this weekend!! Girls trip to the lake!! AH! Details to come...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sometimes D.C. Scares Me

This creepy, gross, inflatable giant rat greeted me as I came out of the post office on my lunch break. From what I gathered he was being used to "stick-it-to-the-man" by the angry protest group that was marching around him. Um.... yeah. I wont pretend to understand what they were all worked up about- or why they chose a rat as their mascot.

At least I can say D.C is never boring!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Date Night

The other night Peter and I had an actual, semi-spontaneous, perfectly lovely date night! I am still glowing and smiling about it- he was just so sweet. Since moving up to D.C we don't see each other during the week as much as before/as much as I would like to- in fact when we got together last night I hadn't seen him since the previous Wednesday!

Now getting together requires actual planning. For instance, I might have to bring a change of clothes if I plan on staying in the city for dinner and I don't want to be in my work clothes all night. And we have to keep an eye on the metro time table so neither of us misses the train back to our respective homes.

I was nervous about moving up here and what affect it would have on our relationship-which had never been tested outside of the college "bubble". What I've realized is the positive side of our geographic distance, is that I no longer take our dinners out and our time together for granted. It's something that I really look forward to and get excited about rather than something I expect.

In other news... today is my parents 27th wedding anniversary! I am so amazed and inspired by the example of their marriage over the years! Congratulations mom and dad! Love you both!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Actually it was a lazy Saturday too. I don't know why but I did not change out of my pjs for the majority of the weekend. And yesterday I stayed in bed and read and caught up on blogs well into the afternoon. Maybe it's because Peter was out of town this weekend and my roomsky was visiting her family sunday afternoon but I hd no desire to be active.

As you know the previous weekend was chock full of time with friends and family and just super busy. Then I had a lousy couple days last week health wise so I think I just needed this weekend to be a bum. I wasn't totally unproductive though. I did manage to unpack my entire closet and check that off my list. Plus during the last few hours of the day roommate and I got the redecorating buzz and began moving furniture around and ended up completely reorganizing the kitchen cupboards!

Roomsky and I have also been working our way through Army Wives season 1 on Netflix. We both share a love for men in uniform (who doesn't) and I think I would be an excellent military wife! We pull out the trundle on my day bed, fix ourselves bowls of ice cream and settle in for drama and deployments. I am so hooked, which is why it's good news that Netflix has all 5 seasons!! I am, however, having a hard time waiting for roomsky to get home and not skipping ahead without her...

I have also discovered Pinterest (late in the game I know). Here are some of my favorite "pins" from this weekend:

Peaches, Prosciutto and Mozzarella Summer Salad

Cute little sheeps: My mom would love these!
Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

I am in LOVE with this shabby-chic mantle form PB:

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

This pallet garden would be perfect for my patio:

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birthday and House Update

First of all, thank you for all the wonderful birthday comments I received on my blog yesterday! And a big thank you to my mom who sent all that happy traffic my way!

Well as of yesterday I am officially a year older-23 to be exact. Unfortunately I didn't have the most eventful day. I ended up not going in to work, but it wasn't because I was playing hookie on my b-day. It was because I woke up sick Monday morning and still wasn't feeling better yesterday. Ugh. Perfect timing right? It ended up being ok though. Peter came over and brought me chicken noodle soup and lime popsicles (my favorites) and watched movies with me all day. Besides I had kinda already celebrated my birthday over the weekend with my parents. After spending most of Saturday moving we went out to a great restaurant for a yummy meal with roomie and Peter as well. There was champagne and oysters and creme brulee- now that's my kind of birthday!

Back to the moving bit. I know I left you with a cliffhanger there in the last post so here are a few post move-in pics! Since I was out of commission the past 2 days I still have plenty of unpacking and organizing left to do but you can see we've made progress. I am loving my new space and how everything is coming together. Please look beyond the clutter. At least I know I'll have plenty of "before" pictures.
And since I didn't get to dress up cute yesterday I am today! My darling sister gave me this darling skirt for my birthday and I love having something new to wear! It's so perfect for work or a date night or I can dress it down! I love it! Thanks sis!
"Sadly" it's not raining so I don't also get to wear my awesome new Coach rain boots from my parents!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Moving Mayhem

I will be moving all my stuff for what is basically the 4th time this weekend. I moved my stuff from South Carolina to a U-Haul. From a U-Haul to a storage unit. Now it's going back into a U-Haul. And then down the road to it's final destination, for now.

I know my parents can't wait to help! But in all honesty, I am so lucky to have parents willing to drive back and forth, and rent trucks, and do the heavy lifting and the heavy sweating to make me comfortable in my new place.

Moving is never simple especially since my dad claims that I have accumulated more "crap" in 5 years than he has in 20. Add in the 95 degree weather and you just know it's going to be a blast! I am so ready to get settled though. For over a month I have been living in my friends room, trying to keep all my stuff contained in a couple of suitcases in a corner of the room. She's been so sweet and flexible and even cleared out part of her closet for me. But it is definitely time to give her back her space. And as the temperatures have risen her bedroom has gotten a little bit too stuffy- no offense roomie!

So in preparation for my move to my newly vacated room I have quite the to-do list. My bedroom is really the entire basement level of our house, which means it's a huge space (17x19ft) and deliciously cool. It also means there is no carpet. Roommate and I had quite the adventure at Lowe's the other night in search of carpet. Basically After driving all the way out there it turned out they didn't have 20 ft of the carpet I wanted in stock. So we called a different Lowe's "negotiated" a delivery charge and then I proceeded to give them my info over the phone. Then they asked me for directions to my house and I promptly handed over the phone to roomie who was shaking her head saying "can't they just google map it?"

After having to spell out each street name and repeating multiple times "no, not left, right on Maple," I then heard roommate say "are you kidding me?" She handed the phone to the carpet man standing next to us and explained that they couldn't deliver it until next week!

(this is roomie's "are you kidding me face?")
Long story short, we got the carpet delivered yesterday and I was up until 1 am rolling it out and cutting around all the corners.
Carpet pad is a success!

Carpet down, making progress!
But don't even get me started on my painting progress....