Catch Up: Part 2

I'm just going to jump right in and recap my weekend:

Last wednesday the first two of my friends arrived. Remember how I said my friends don't pack light, well let me make sure you understand exactly what I mean. Friend 1 arrived with her entire laundry basket because she didn't have time to do it before she came. She also had two bags and about 6 things on hangers. I shoved over all my clothes in my closet to happily make room for her to move in. My next friend got here at about 11:30 that night. I thought to myself surely she wont have as much stuff as friend 1. I was mistaken. In fact I think she had more stuff. She had a dress bag and a duffel (maybe two) plus a wheelie suitcase. All their stuff tricked me into thinking they would stay past the weekend...

I had to work friday when everyone else was getting to town and when I was pulling in to my apartment building I was giddy to see everyone, literally shaking! I have never been more happy to see my apartment crowded and cluttered.

Friday night we all went out to dinner then went to campus where everyone was building floats and hanging out. Then we headed downtown for an incredibly overwhelming reunion with everyone. EVERYONE. Seriously, everywhere you turned there was someone you hadn't seen in months. Basically there was lots of screaming and jumping up and down and hugging. I was horse by the end of the night. We got back really late, around 2am and what did I do? Made breakfast casserole. Yep, I made breakfast for the next morning. Fortunately it's a really easy recipe so you don't have to be that awake to make it.

Saturday we slept in a bit, then we all had breakfast and mimosas in our pretty champagne glasses.

Then after a round of showers and a couple of blown fuses from all the rollers and hair dryers (my shower was a little chilly and partially in the dark hehe) we got ready and headed to the tailgate.

(Group shot of 5 of the 6 girls who stayed with my plus some lucky girls who are still in college, I'm in middle in the red boots.)

(My sister, friend 1, and me!)

It was perfect fall weather, not hot but not too chilly. My friends and I opted out of the football game and headed downtown for lunch at this yummy cafe. Then we wandered around some shops and picked up bridal shower gifts for a friend whose shower we were going to on Sunday. Then we headed back to my apartment to nap and snack and relax.

I am going to cap this post here for now, it's getting a little long. And I will finish up tomorrow with Catch Up: Part 3 and I am going to share some of this weekend's recipes too!


  1. Love your red boots! Shopping and eating is far more fun than football!


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