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weekend camping trip

My family used to go camping all the time back when we were kids.
When we were all under the same roof/in the same country/same state, we'd load up the trunk with all the gear and head out into the great outdoors.

I remember "helping" dad put up the tent. I remember crisp Fall air an…

A whole week in Washington.

I took a bit of a blogging break the past couple weeks. I was on the go and when I finally landed I had to play catch up on sleep and laundry first before I could catch up here.

After my roommate's wedding I kept on moving and flew out to Washington to see my fiance for an actual week! We'v…


Today is my sweet momma's birthday. This is going to be such a fun year for our family, full of change and big life events. She's basically the glue holding everyone close and making it all happen and making sure we don't spin off.  So be sure and pop by her blog and wish her a happy da…

The Roommate's Wedding

I got to watch my sweet roommate tie the knot this weekend and it could not have been more special. Truly it all came together so perfectly and I loved seeing her look more beautiful and more happy than ever. I've been to my fair share of weddings and I've been a bridesmaid before but I def…

My dress came in!

Last week I got the call. My wedding gown had arrived at the store!
I scheduled the first appointment I could to try it on and it worked out perfectly for my mom to come in to town for this day as well! We also included my Mema and it was so special to have both of them there to see me in my dress.

labor day comings and goings.

I drove a couple hours across Maryland and over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to spend the lovely long weekend with my parents and some family over on the Eastern Shore. We enjoyed sunshine-y days and a breeze off the water. Lots of sun and sunscreen. We celebrated my dad's birthday with cupcakes i…