pillow talk

Why are pillows so expensive y'all? And why don't the covers also come with inserts???

Etsy is my favorite place to "window shop" for pillows. There are so many "stores" to browse through with all different size pillows, usually organized by color! And I've found them to be generally less expensive than, say, Pottery Barn, though that's not saying much...

I'm holding off on any new pillows until Hunley learns to stop chewing on the ones we have. But once he does... below are the pillows I'm lusting after (and currently have waiting in my Etsy shopping cart) for our couch and living room seating.  I love the mix of patterns and textures in the green/blue family and think they will nicely pick up those colors in the new rug.

Now I just need to figure out where I can find inexpensive pillow inserts, preferably down so I can karate chop them like the pros.
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  1. Wish I had a source to share for inserts. Your choices are great, though, and I hope your pup stops chewing soon!!

  2. I love all of those pillow cases! Blues and greens are my favorite colors for decorating. I totally agree, the price tag on some pillows is insane, and then you see that it doesn't even come with the pillow insert and it's even worse! I only recently thought about Etsy as an option, and it does seem to be a much better deal!

  3. I love these pillows, especially the bottom two choices. I never thought about etsy for pillows and should. JoAnns (or any other fabric store) has inserts cheaper than anywhere else (still not cheap though) - and only in standard sizes. But worth the check.


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