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Oh, Yes I Did!

Yes, I am almost 23. Yes, I guess that technically makes me an adult. And yes, I painted some serious Easter eggs today.

Load 'em Up, Head 'em Out

I wrote this quick little post before I jetted off to the airport yesterday! I said a fond farewell to South Carolina and headed to my parents for Easter! Next stop, hello D.C! (for a couple of weeks until I come back to SC to get the rest of my stuff...)
Yesterday was last day at my old job- I basi…

All My Bags are Packed (Not!)

I will be heading home for Easter on Thursday. This means I need everything packed up and ready to go by Wednesday. I'm only taking a couple of suitcases up with me this trip but I still need everything boxed up for my quick trip back in May.
This is my what's on my to do list: Pack everythin…

More Move Details

Some people have asked me what Peter will be doing next year and I had earlier expressed concerns that we would have to be long distance for a while. But that is not going to be the case because he is moving to D.C. as well! Of course we will not be two building aways from each other like we are no…

Big News!

I have been very M.I.A lately but I have a very good reason...
Did my new header give it away? I got a new big-girl-grown-up job in the big city! (Woohoo! This is pretty much sums up how I feel right now!)
Remember how I spent some time up in D.C about 2 weeks ago (you …


I joined Stumble... last night. My sister warned me it would be addicting and she was not kidding... she probably shouldn't have signed me up for it! Oh well!
Basically you can organize your interests and then hit the "stumble" button and away you go! It shows you pages and links and i…