Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh, Yes I Did!

Yes, I am almost 23. Yes, I guess that technically makes me an adult.
And yes, I painted some serious Easter eggs today.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Load 'em Up, Head 'em Out

I wrote this quick little post before I jetted off to the airport yesterday! I said a fond farewell to South Carolina and headed to my parents for Easter! Next stop, hello D.C!
(for a couple of weeks until I come back to SC to get the rest of my stuff...)

Yesterday was last day at my old job- I basically worked right up until it was time to go to the airport. I got up really early today to make sure everything was packed and that my suitcases weren't too heavy for me, and that my hair was rolled-I wanted to look cute for my last day :)

I got the cutest card from some friends at work!
I had wanted to take a picture of me loaded up with all my bags but Sister and our ride were already waiting for me when I got home so blame them. Fortunately though, I had a few minutes to come home to grab some last minute things and to transfer my purse into this great new bag that my friends at work gave me!
Perfect for the airplane; perfect for the beach, or in my case, summer in the big city!
I think I got everything!

Monday, April 18, 2011

All My Bags are Packed (Not!)

I will be heading home for Easter on Thursday. This means I need everything packed up and ready to go by Wednesday. I'm only taking a couple of suitcases up with me this trip but I still need everything boxed up for my quick trip back in May.

This is my what's on my to do list:
  • Pack everything!
  • Pack suitcases for Easter and first few weeks of work.
  • Have mail forwarded
  • Cancel cable and energy services
  • Hang out with people I'm going to miss
  • Go to all my favorite places around town
I'm getting a little sad. This apartment has been my home for two years and I've been in South Carolina for five. I'm trying to soak it all in before I leave. I am also planning on being attached at the hip to Sister up until I have to leave. I'm glad we'll have a few restful days at home together.

This weekend Sister was actually at a fraternity formal. Since Peter is in Belize I obviously didn't get to go (and I was so hoping to be 5-for-4 at Sigma Nu formals). I honestly think I could have tagged along and no one would have noticed, "Peter? Oh he's around here somewhere..."

Speaking of Peter, he got stung by a scorpion, on his stomach. Sigh...

Yesterday I went over to his apartment to see what needed to be done. A lot. It was scary. About a bajillion loads of laundry, for starters. I've decided he has about 2x more clothes than I do, and about 700 t-shirts. This means (in his eyes) that it's not essential for him to do laundry until he's gone through every single one of them and he has allowed the laundry basket to flood his closet. I also found a few things of mine that I thought I'd lost in his dorm room about 2 years ago shoved into the bottom of a huge cardboard box that he probably hasn't touched since he moved out of said dorm room. Sigh...

Well, clearly I have a lot to do and need to skedaddle. I promise to be a better blogger when I have all the laundry behind me and in boxes!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Move Details

Some people have asked me what Peter will be doing next year and I had earlier expressed concerns that we would have to be long distance for a while. But that is not going to be the case because he is moving to D.C. as well! Of course we will not be two building aways from each other like we are now but still... it's better than two states away! I would not have liked that one bit. Peter is actually in Belize (lucky duck) for the next couple of weeks without phone access. And while we are emailing every day I'm already missing him so much. However I told him to have fun and to keep an eye out for Reese Witherspoon, I hear she's honeymooning there. I also told him to wear sunscreen and take pictures.

Without him around to distract me it should be a lot easier for me to get all my affairs in order. And there are a lot of affairs. For the past few days I've been cleaning and clearing out all the stuff I have accumulated over 4 years of college and then some. (For instance my "costume box" is probably not coming with me to D.C because I don't think there are quite as many themed parties in post grad life.) Now basically all I have to do is put stuff in boxes.

My plan is to have everything boxed up and ready to go by the time I head up to my parent's for Easter. I have to be in D.C to start my new job immediately after Easter, which means I'll have to pack all the clothes I'll need for a couple of weeks. I will then fly back to South Carolina for Peter's graduation. My parents will be down there as well to help my sister move out of her apartment and to help me drive all my furniture, boxes and car back up to D.C.- sounds like a fun trip for my parents, huh?

Peter also left me a key to his apartment just in case I wanted to help him get his affairs in order. And honestly the obsessive-compulsive in me really wont be able to leave it for him to do all by himself. Perhaps a cleaner, more organized apartment will be my welcome home present for him.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Big News!

I have been very M.I.A lately but I have a very good reason...


Did my new header give it away? I got a new big-girl-grown-up job in the big city!
(Woohoo! This is pretty much sums up how I feel right now!)

Remember how I spent some time up in D.C about 2 weeks ago (you can read about it here)? Well my main reason for going up in the first place was for a job interview. I went back up there for a second interview this past Tuesday and on Wednesday I was offered the job! I am so excited. And while I will be so very sad to leave South Carolina and especially my sister.... I am really looking forward this next phase of my life.

I will heading up there pretty soon, which is pretty crazy. Remember how I mentioned I stayed with my friend L while I was up there? Well... she is about to become my roommate!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I joined Stumble... last night.
My sister warned me it would be addicting and she was not kidding... she probably shouldn't have signed me up for it! Oh well!

Basically you can organize your interests and then hit the "stumble" button and away you go! It shows you pages and links and images custom to your selections!

So far I have found some great pages and cool DIY projects that I have bookmarked and can't wait to try.

Stumble has also made me really want to go to Croatia to see the Plitvice Lakes National Park:
And I can't wait to make these yummy S'mores Bars
Basically... I have found new ways to constructively waste more time online... but it's worth it!
This is not an April Fools Joke!