Weekend Report: When The Husband's Away

I have been home alone (if you don't count Hunley) since last Wednesday. T.J. was away for an ortho conference in Dallas and I picked him up last night at 11PM. I got a couple hours with him before we fell asleep and then he was off to work again this morning.

Everyone told me second year is the hardest year of residency, for the doctors and their families. While so far it has been so much better than what I prepared myself for (seriously the other wives were totally freaking me out), I have started to feel the weight of it more and more. While he's no longer the intern, and he doesn't have any away rotations this year, he does have an even more demanding schedule and more frequent overnight call shifts which means at least once a week he's gone for 48 hours.

So what's a girl to do during those longer stretches and solo nights?

1. Have popcorn and diet coke for dinner.

2. Hang all the things I haven't hung yet, rearrange, and then put back, and move again. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen that I hung the sheet music to our first dance song, (True- George Strait) above our bed.
3. Deep clean the bathroom. (I've been putting that one off for a while...)

4. Finally order some framed wedding photos. And it's about time, we only got married eight months ago! I won a $100 credit to SnapBox from Sarah Tucker's blog a while back but I hadn't ordered anything yet because I just couldn't decide where I wanted to hang things. Plus it was basically impossible to choose my favorite images. I want them all but I also don't want our house to look like a shrine to us... it's a fine line.

5. Re-watch Grey's Anatomy from the beginning. I'm on season 4 and I'm not ashamed.

6.Plan my friend's Bachelorette weekend. Um... we're going to Harry Potter World!!!! Because why the heck not! I used Airbnb for the first time to book us a cute house down there with it's very own little pool. I cannot wait for a long weekend in Florida with some of my best friends and did I mention Harry Potter World yet? Because I solemnly swear that I can't even handle it!
7. And several trips to the dog park because I need Hunley to play with someone else besides me for just 5 minutes please.

So there you have it. The house is clean and the husband is home now. Happy Monday!


  1. Ahhh...Grey's Anatomy. Justin Chambers (Alex) is my cousin, so we started watching because of him being in the show. Got totally hooked, though, and haven't missed one episode.

    What a fun bachelorette destination!! I'll look forward to seeing photos and hearing about it! It sounds like you are coping with the 2nd year residency just fine. Hang in there!! Temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement!

    1. Alex Karev is your cousin?! No way! ;) I've been watching the show since it first came on air and haven't missed an episode either. It 's fun to go back and watch the older seasons too.... so much drama!!! T.J. assures me that the amount of freak accidents they see at Seattle Grace is not common for most hospitals. lol

  2. Wait, I'm distracted by Terri's comment that Alex is her cousin. Why didn't I know this Terri? I love your music Shan! And your puppy : )

  3. It's so hard to have your hubby away for so long! I'm glad you made good use of the time. ALSO... Harry Potter world for a bachelorette weekend!?!?!!?!? I'm SO jealous!

  4. A bachelorette party at universal studios sounds amazing!


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