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Red Lipstick

I've never been brave enough to pull off red lipstick, or lipstick in general.  I always feel like a little girl playing dress up or I look like I should be under stage lights in a musical.  I pretty much stick to chapstick.
But when my roommate was cleaning out her room the other day she foun…

Rinse. Repeat.

It feels lately like my posts all sing the same tune:

I went to see TJ.
TJ came to town.
I had the best weekend.
Monday's suck.

I can't imagine it's very interesting to anyone else but me. And maybe my family.
But I'm gonna write it down anyway.
For posterity. (sidenote. In …

Monday Musings

My first and forever roommate, Alana, came to town late last Thursday. She was interviewing for residency programs and had one up here in D.C.. On Friday I came home from work and it was so nice having a house full of friends. Both roommates were also home and there was wine and nail polish and cur…

Oh my darlin' Clementine

One of my favorite parts about this fall/winter season is clementines- those perfect, little, sweet, seedless, orange fruits. I know you can get them probably all year round some places but I always associate them with this time of year. We always get a clementine in the foot of our Christmas stoc…

I wanna be your Friday night

You'll never guess who I went to visit this weekend...TJ!
Okay, maybe that was obvious. I tend to write about him a lot on here.

I took off work on Friday and after an incident involving a rogue tarp and the right engine, quickly followed by the the smell of burning plastic, a new gate and a n…