Thursday, November 21, 2013

Red Lipstick

I've never been brave enough to pull off red lipstick, or lipstick in general.  I always feel like a little girl playing dress up or I look like I should be under stage lights in a musical.  I pretty much stick to chapstick.

But when my roommate was cleaning out her room the other day she found this really red creamy lipstick in the bottom of her purse and we couldn't resist trying it on. And I kinda think the look is really fun. The color is  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick-Crème 725 "Love that Red".

I like the way lipstick feels, it's not as sticky or goopy as gloss and I just felt like making kissy faces and leaving my mark on someone's cheek. (Truly though I still don't know how you kiss someone when wearing lipstick - doesn't' it smudge right off, do people just not care?)

I'm still not sure I'm brave enough to go out all Taylor Swift-like in public but I think it's possible I've reached the "grown up enough to wear lipstick" stage in my life.

Rinse. Repeat.

It feels lately like my posts all sing the same tune:

I went to see TJ.
TJ came to town.
I had the best weekend.
Monday's suck.

I can't imagine it's very interesting to anyone else but me. And maybe my family.
But I'm gonna write it down anyway.
For posterity. (sidenote. In all our old home videos, my mom says this line every time they would catch a temper tantrum on camera.)
For memory's sake.
For my grandparents who read along.
For when I want to look back on these days of roommates and freedom and falling in love.

But right now we're in a bit of a holding pattern and it's easy to get restless and feel anxious to get to the next stage. I find myself hurrying through weeks, wishing the weekend would get here so I could get on a plane or train or in the car and get going already.

I'm more easily frustrated by the daily things I still have to do, aka go to work. It feels like I'm killing time until the next trip comes along. And it's not just about TJ, I promise. I've been at my job for over two years now, I've lived in D.C for that same amount of time and lately I've been burnt out on both. I think it has a lot to do with the metro delays every morning and just the repetitiveness of it all.

I haven't written a post like this in a while. Where I expose my heart a little bit and reflect on this post-grad, pre-adulthood season of waiting and wanting. But I always  find that when I get it out, write it down, and then read it back to myself I sound a bit... well... whiny. Really impatient and whiny.

I need to remind myself me that this is not how God calls us to face each day- wishing it away for the next one. He makes each day brand new. His promises are new every day. I am new everyday.

I am so thankful for my roommates/sisters/ the people I do life with.
I am thankful I have a job to go to everyday.
I am thankful I can afford to fly North, South, East and West to visit the people I love as frequently as I do.

I am also exactly where He wants me to be today (even on the days when I'd rather be somewhere else). So I will be content with it all. Getting on the metro, going to work, sitting at my desk, going home, fixing dinner, spending time with my roommates, (face-timing with TJ), blogging about the weekend and doing it all again the next week. Rinse, repeat until He calls me to something else.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Musings

My first and forever roommate, Alana, came to town late last Thursday. She was interviewing for residency programs and had one up here in D.C.. On Friday I came home from work and it was so nice having a house full of friends. Both roommates were also home and there was wine and nail polish and curling irons and outfit switching. Getting ready to go out with friends is one of the funnest things ever- I say that every time it happens. All four of us headed out for dinner to Season's 52 and we had a blast catching up and being silly and requesting a song from the piano player. When we got home (after taking a bunch more pictures) we ended up watching Legally Blonde while waiting for TJ to show up...

Yep. That's right, TJ came up to see me this past weekend! I know, I know.  I just saw TJ the weekend before but neither of us were thrilled that our next visit wasn't planned until later in December. So Friday afternoon we were talking about our weekend plans and he didn't really have any so he hopped in the car and crashed our girl's weekend much to my delight!

Alana left around lunchtime the following day but not before we went on a walk all together. TJ and I then lazed around for a bit before we decided to head out to the National Zoo. I had never been before and it's free and not that far from my house. It's actually a really nice zoo and a great place to walk around. For such a gray cloudy day there was still quite a crowd, sadly no pandas were out.

After the zoo we stopped for a beer and to rest our feet before we met up with my roommates and their boyfriends for a triple date at Matchbox. The guys were content to watch football while we waited for a table and I was glad not to be the usual fifth wheel.
Sadly, my happy "all my best friends and my boyfriend is in town" daze faded all too quickly. TJ left early on Sunday morning and I consoled myself by baking pumpkin bread, then making homemade tortilla soup and piling it with cheese and sour cream, and watching Walking Dead. It's the little things, right? 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh my darlin' Clementine

One of my favorite parts about this fall/winter season is clementines- those perfect, little, sweet, seedless, orange fruits. I know you can get them probably all year round some places but I always associate them with this time of year. We always get a clementine in the foot of our Christmas stockings and I just love snacking on them all season long. Plus, they're the sweetest defense against winter colds that I know of.  

We recently held a wine and cheese at the office, we do these about once a month and this month I decided to use clementines for all sorts of decorating purposes.  We have a very small budget for these events so we tend to put together all the decor from items we already have in the office (or at my house) or that we can get inexpensively.

So we picked up a couple bags of clementines and went to town. For the centerpiece of the dessert table we filled tall cylinder vases with pine cones, branches, appropriately colored candles, and those orange gems. Burlap was woven around the base and more clementines were scattered about. We also used clementines as menu card holders (which I think would also make adorable place-cards for Thanksgiving dinner).

In addition to hot apple cider, wine and seasonal beers. Our fall themed menu included:

S'mores Cupcakes (with toasted marshmallow frosting)
Pumpkin Cupcakes
Pancetta Sage Chicken Skewers
Roasted Butternut Squash Tarlettes
Artichoke Fontina Macroni Bites
Broccoli & Olive Bruschetta

This post probably seems totally random, I mean I hardly ever talk about my job on this blog. But I've been pretty distracted by a certain boy lately and  having a hard time staying motivated at work. Most of the day-to-day meetings and events we plan at the firm are pretty cookie cutter year after year. (Plus the stupid metro has made me late to work for the past two days which only fuels my frustration.)  So it helps to document an event like this where I can have fun and be more creative. Anywho, that's my spiel. I guess I can't only blog about TJ but that's enough about work for now.

Monday, November 11, 2013

I wanna be your Friday night

You'll never guess who I went to visit this weekend...TJ!
Okay, maybe that was obvious. I tend to write about him a lot on here.

I took off work on Friday and after an incident involving a rogue tarp and the right engine, quickly followed by the the smell of burning plastic, a new gate and a new plane I was on my way to Charleston. I only got in a couple hours late but I was definitely kicking myself for not flying out Thursday night (not sure what I was thinking when I booked this early morning flight?)

After getting settled back at his apartment we headed out for lunch at Butcher & Bee which I definitely recommend. Their menu changes daily and apparently they are the place to go for late night food since they're open till 3am. It felt practically tropical that afternoon and we dined outside much to the delight of my vitamin-d deprived self.
The excuse for this trip to Charleston (aside from just wanting to spend all my weekends with him) was to be TJ's date to a fun med-school function: a wine tasting at the aquarium (I can cross off #39 on my list). I broke out my new heels and dress and we both got a little fancy and enjoyed wandering around the aquarium after hours sipping wine, indulging in the biscuit bar, and of course admiring the fish. I also got to meet a ton of his med school friends and TJ maybe showed me off a bit and I maybe loved that. Sorry not sorry. 

We didn't stay out all that late because did I mention I was wearing new heels? Worth it though.
P.S. my dress and heels were both from ASOS.
The next day we slept in and watched a little football before heading over to the battery to meet an older couple that TJ has gotten to know while living in Charleston. TJ had told them a lot about me and they wanted to meet me while I was in town.

After a really pleasant visit we headed across the bridge to James Island to see Ender's Game. (Two movie tickets cost only $8.50 total! Yes it was a matinee, but still that's less than the cost of one ticket in D.C. I was in shock!) I'm going to get up on my soap box now. I've said it once and I'll saw it a thousand times more: seriously, please please please always read the book first. Ender's Game is such an amazing book, one of the best stories. And the movie comes no where close to doing it justice. I'm glad I saw it, and there were parts that were definitely entertaining, but as far as books-to-movies go it was poorly done. Really, they probably should have made it two movies honestly instead of trying to squeeze it all in to one. There was no time for character development and the story was not nearly as powerful or convincing because you just didn't have time to get to know or believe in the characters.  READ THE BOOK!!
Stepping down now.

After the movie, and after I ranted about it to TJ for the entire car ride, we stopped for dinner at the Fat Hen for some yummy low country food. This was our first dinner date out which is kind of funny to think about. Yes, we've had plenty of meals together but usually I've cooked or we've gotten carry out, or we've been with a group of people. This was the first classic dinner and a movie date night. We like to say that our first date was pizza and a bottle of wine enjoyed picnic style on the floor of his apartment. Which was pretty perfect in my book. Let's just say we definitely haven't done things in the expected way and I'm more than okay with that.
After dinner we watched more football on the couch (I'm becoming quite the football fan....sort of) and then picked up some ice cream during half time (I'm definitely a fan of that). We talked about our mutual distaste for distance and I began feeling the usual franticness that creeps in at the end of every good weekend.

We still had basically all of Sunday left together and Sunday morning we went for a really long hand-holding walk all through Charleston. We stopped for brunch at Leaf and got to sit outside again. The warm sun, the good food, and the best company did not make leaving that night any easier.  I'm ready for our time together to not involve him dropping me off at the airport.