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Cocktails on Monday

I spent the weekend relaxing at home, though I did venture out to get a bridesmaid dress altered, and on Sunday I went to church and had lunch with my young life girl. But for the most part I had a sketchbook in front of me and I was glued to my laptop, doodling ideas for my invitations, watching …

Save the Dates and Invitations

By now our save the dates have reached all our guests (I hope) so I thought I'd share it with my blogging family too! I designed them myself and had them made into magnets on Vistaprint. Not always the most user friendly website (mom ended up with 140 American flag return address labels by mist…

Put down the gun!

We still need to confirm/arrange/book:
the church
the band
the videographer
the stationer
the rentals
the flowers
the cake...

The guest list has grown quite large and the to do list even larger.
But it's all good. It's all coming together. I'm having so much fun checking things off.


Bridesmaid Boxes

I have 9 bridesmaids.
They are spread out across the country, and there's even one in Canada.  My sister (obviously my maid of honor), T.J.'s sister, my cousin, and six more girls who are, or were at one point, roommates of mine.

All these girls are so special to me. They're the ones wh…

Fireworks and Wedding Planning

I went up to Jersey this past weekend and spent the holiday with my folks. We saw hands down the best fireworks around. And we had the perfect view- they were literally right above our heads. Pieces of "shrapnel" we're falling around us, that's how close we were. It was pretty ch…

red, white, and blue

Happy almost 4th of July everyone!  While I really hope I get a to enjoy a hot dog and some fireworks tomorrow, I know that the most important thing is that I take the time to be truly thankful that I live in the land of the free and the home of the brave!  1 | 2 | 3