Feels Like Home to Me

Hello! I'm back from Homecoming. The weekend was wonderful and I had so much fun reconnecting with everyone, but most importantly, I loved getting to have lots of time with my closest girlfriends!

On Thursday my roommate and a friend we had in town visiting, drove down to college town. I flew down that evening after work and they picked me up from the airport. That night we stayed on campus in my sister's apartment. We were so excited to pull onto campus and see this sign. Someone in our car may have teared up...

(I actually borrowed this picture from Hugs From Hannah, she's a freshmen at my school now and I follow her blog so I can relive the good ol' days. Hi Hannah! You don't know me!)

Friday we met up with the rest of our crew and went to our favorite local place for lunch. Afterwards we went to check into our hotel downtown. We did the economic thing and got one hotel room for 6 girls. We brought an air mattress and a power strip (not kidding) and piled in. 6 girls bring A LOT of stuff. Anywho... we just chilled out and caught up with each other for a while before making moves to head out for the evening. Of course we tried to take a ton of pics:

All the D.C. girls looking super patriotic together.
My favorite people!
After a night out on the town we slept in and then headed back to campus to tailgate. I love being on campus and seeing all the lucky people who get to still be in college. It's sad to know that one day I'll go back and not know anyone still there. We opted out of the football game and grabbed lunch and a nap instead. You know you're not in college anymore when one late night out forces you to need a nap the next day...

After resting up we started the getting ready process. (It takes 6 girls a LONG time to shower, blow dry and roll there hair, do their make up and commit to an outfit). We made dinner reservations with a bigger group at a delicious restaurant downtown before meeting up with the rest of the homecoming crowd.

Sunday my roommate and I got up and went to the service at the church we used to attend. It was so nice to be back there as well and I really miss it! Unfortunately we then we had to start packing up. The weekend was over way too quickly. Before heading out of town we grabbed lunch at another favorite-there were not enough meals in the weekend to eat everywhere we wanted. It was a tearful goodbye but fortunately we have new years and wedding get togethers on the horizon to look forward to! It was a looonng drive back to D.C for my roommate and I, and while I'm already missing my besties, I am glad that I don't have to share my bathroom with 5 other girls this week!


  1. Oh my word-you girls are postitively too adorable! And special. : )


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