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Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 22-24

How Far Along: 25 weeks as of today but I'm only sharing about weeks 22-24 because I didn't have time to change the chalkboard or take a new bump pic yet.

Size of Baby: A head of cauliflower!

Gender: It's a Boy!

Weight Gain: 12 pounds

Symptoms: Um... bending over has officially become work.…

Fort Worthwhile

I've been doing a bit of traveling this past month but I am happy to say I'm done until after baby is born. My last trip was to Fort Worth, Texas for a girls weekend. It was the very next weekend after we returned from our South Carolina trip and I wasn't exactly feeling up to another r…

Baby Boy's Neutral Nursery Inspiration

Now that we know our baby is a boy I feel like I can really dive headfirst into setting up his nursery. While I plan to keep it pretty neutral and will have a lot of the same elements I would have had for a baby girl, I am excited to find sweet little boy touches to add. 
The bedroom that I can no…