Friday, July 26, 2019

to my terribly wonderful two year old

Tommy you are two years old and life with you is anything but terrible. How has it been two years since you can into my life and made me a mother? How can so much life, and so many sweet, precious, irreplaceable memories be squeezed into just two years? We made sure to celebrate big with balloons and Thomas the train and corn on the cob and family (a few of your most favorite things) before leaving town. And even though today will probably be spent house hunting I couldn't let this favorite precious day go by without notice.
Sweet Tommy you are true joy and you brighten everyone's day with your full-on eyes closed cheesy smile or your enthusiastic "Hi!" and "See ya!" that you shout to everyone. Your first words when you get up in the morning, as your tripping around the crib in your sleepsack, are usually some combination of "ball," "Daddy," or "Hun-we" or, especially lately "suitcase!"  You seem to have some sort of word quota you think you need to meet each day, and there are few silent moments in our house that aren't filled with your chatter (usually about balls, or trains, or something to eat, or balls) and I love our little conversations.
I love how you want to lay on the "pill-wo" with me before bed and then you start listing every single thing or person you saw or did or touched that day. You call me "Bobby," which sounds like Mommy only slightly British and like you have a cold, and it's hard to turn down any of your demands when they start out that adorable. I am not prepared for the day Bobby becomes Mommy.
You are the most adaptable little guy I know.  It makes me so happy to see you so comfortable in yourself, and your place in our family, that you are able to face so many huge changes better than many adults would (even better than your dad and I have at times). In the past two months alone you've left behind your first true home, spent weeks and weeks not sleeping in your own bed, and you've flown across the world like it was no big deal.
You have a sweet and feisty little spirit. You are so stubbornly independent, running here and there with such purpose like you know exactly where you're going, thank you very much!  And when you wipe out or fall and then immediately shout "Okay!" it sometimes tricks me into thinking you're older than you actually are. Of course other times you come running full speed at my legs wanting to be picked up and you lay your head on my shoulder with your thumb in your mouth and I have my baby again. I am so excited to see you become a big brother. I doubt you really understand what it all means but the way you lay on my belly and say over and over "hi baby hi baby hi baby hi baby" makes my heart swell picturing you with your little brother. I hope and pray you two will be best friends for your whole lives.
You've gotten really proficient at screaming NO! even when no one did, said or asked you anything, but then are (usually) quick to correct to "no tank you." I see such a tender heart in you, especially at meal times when you throw out your hands to either side and shout "Grace!" and then finish with a hands-raised-halelujah-Amen! I hope you always have as much passion and move through your life with as much purpose as you do now.
 These two years are hands down the best years of my life. Not being your mom, not knowing you as only your daddy and I will ever know you, is simply inconceivable. I am so excited for all the adventures we're going to have with you in this next year and watching you settle back in to our new normal here in Korea (or Key-ah as you say). Tommy, you are my little buddy and I love you endlessly.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

summer break

Back in June, the movers came and packed off all our stuff, our household goods and my car are on a boat on their way around the world, T.J. and I handed over the keys to our first home to the new owners, graduation ceremonies were celebrated, and then we loaded up and said goodbye to Washington. T.J. drove his pick-up truck and our dog the 2,700 miles and Tommy and I flew on ahead of him. We reunited in South Carolina where I now find myself with an actual summer vacation- an entire month and half "off" before we fly to South Korea. With the exception of a busy toddler afoot, it almost feels like those long ago childhood summers that were wide open and fancy free.
Final Ortho Residency Banquet
Hospital Graduation Ceremony
We're gonna miss seeing Mt.Rainier out in our neighborhood!

It's pretty amazing how getting rid of our house, and all the responsibilities that went along with it, really lifted a ton of weight off my shoulders. No floors to clean, no fridge to fill, no grass to cut, no errands to run, no mortgage, no bills. I feel like a kid at home again. On top of that, my massive to-do list that seemingly had no end before we left Washington, has "magically" shrunk (aka the days before we left were pure CHAOS) to just 4 little reminders. We've somehow managed to take care of everything we needed to take care of before our imminent departure. So now we rest, relax, soak up all the family time, and wait to leave on our big grand adventure.

It has been quite the treat being back in South Carolina for such a long visit, and our families have completely spoiled us- it's going to be an adjustment once we get to Korea and I don't have as many eager hands around to entertain Tommy. T.J. still has to study and take his boards next week, but we've managed to squeeze in a lot of fun together, some porch sitting and boat rides during his study breaks. And we're definitely taking advantage of the surplus of babysitters around for a couple of solid date nights while we still can!
Tommy has been an absolute trooper, he has amazed me with how well he has adapted to all the changes (let's hope that continues since the changes are only just beginning). He has be-bopped from hotel to pack 'n'play, from one grandparent's house to the other since the beginning of June. I don't know what all he understands or thinks is going on these days. And while I'm sure it's quite confusing for him, he's rolling with it and loving his summertime in the South.

Swimming in the lake, jumping off the dock, blueberry picking, his sweet little voice saying "shoo bee," fishing with PawPaw, collecting eggs with Papa Tom, checking on all the farm animals, eating lots of watermelon, and of course making sure every relative gets a chance to play ball with him over and over and over again. I love that he gets to give everyone a big hug, squeeze, kiss before heading to bed, and that he's so excited to see them again when he gets up in the morning. And I know just how precious this extended time with their grandson/nephew is for our families. 
So that's what summer looks like for the next few weeks. Lots of sunscreen and puddle jumpers, popsicles and corn on the cob, iced coffee on the screened in porch, staying up late talking with my family, listening to cicadas, and filling up on all the goodness of home here before we set up our new home over there.