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a snow day

Yesterday was just one of those good days. Really just a normal day of being home, all of us, together.  It wasn't anything too out of the ordinary, except I think snow on the ground tends to add some magic to any day and it just felt like one I'd remember, or want to remember so here I am dusting off the blog, writing it down. T.J. had an important work interview on zoom in the morning (and I do kind of hope Zoom is a distant memory one day) and we needed to be out of his way so ideally out of the house but mother nature had other ideas. Thanks to that beautiful snow we got the day before, Tommy's first day back to school was canceled and the roads were too bad to leave anyway.  So instead we set up a makeshift office in our bedroom for T.J., and the boys and I shut ourselves up in the playroom, attempting to stay quiet and kill time. And while it may have been 11 degrees outside this morning, in our house the floor is always, ALWAYS lava. So we built a lava boat out of c

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