Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2 week notice

I put in my 2 weeks at work last Friday and the moving truck comes to take away all my stuff two weeks from today.  Only two more weeks at my current job is actually pretty exciting. No more metro! I am ready to kiss that office goodbye and spend the rest of the time before the wedding flitting around from here to New Jersey, to South Carolina to Washington and repeat. I'll be playing and planning and taking care of all the last minute details for our big day and the big move.

But then it hits me, and my throat catches and I remember that means I only have two more weekends at my current address with my people. 
That's just two more weeks of coming home from work to our town home with the tissue paper pom poms hanging in the corners, that we never took down after my roommates engagement party. Just two more weeks of groceries on my shelf of the cupboard. Of sitting in my corner of the couch eating candy corn and catching up on each other's days. 

We'll only share two more episodes of Walking Dead together, with my roommates and their guys. All of us squeezed onto the couch in our living room, with the lights off, feeling jumpy.  I'm really going miss that. I'm even gonna miss the part where we all snap at each other to stop talking! when the commercials are over.
I won't be a part of our homemade pizza nights anymore. And even though I really prefer to just order delivery, I'm gonna miss giving them a hard time about it. Plus pizza nights usually ended with my iPod speakers blaring all our favorite songs and all of us gathered around the kitchen table like a family...

I'm going to miss my roommate's boyfriend, and my other roommate's husband (so technically not my roommate anymore but they live literally across the street so that's what I call her). They've been like brothers.

Only two weeks, means only two weeks!

I really can't bear to think too hard about how short a time we have left.  After 8 years, from freshmen year of college to almost five years out, of having roommates, and dividing up fridge space, and taking turns emptying the dishwasher, and splitting rent, and sharing life with friends who are more like sisters... it feels like it's all wrapping up. ("It's the end of an era!" Friend's reference anyone??)

The next two weeks will involve boxes and bubble wrap. I'm taking stuff off my walls. Forwarding my mail. Shipping my car.  My next roommate will be my husband. And I am so excited and ready and I can't wait to be out there with T.J. What an adventure!

But I am really going to hold on so so very tightly to these next two weeks. And even still, when my mom comes to help me move out and then we finally have to drive away, I know two weeks won't have been enough.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Shower and Bachelorette Weekend

Last weekend I was showered in love and some lovely presents by my friends and family! My sister and maid of honor planned such a special weekend for me and I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many of my favorite ladies! Most of my bridesmaids made the trip out for the weekend which I was so excited about. It's not too often that I get to spend a weekend with all my best friends and I know it's a lot to ask of these busy girls to take time out of their lives for all the different wedding festivities.

On Friday, while we were waiting for everyone to arrive, sister and I snuck away for my dress fitting. I was so excited she was able to join me, and reassure me about the alteration decisions, and practice dancing in the dress with me. And it was nice to have a little one on one time with just her.

After several trips to the airport to collect everyone we finally were all under the same roof. We picked up takeout pizzas and salads, popped a couple bottles of wine and got caught up. Then we all watched Pitch Perfect and sang along, because of course.

The next morning we got dressed, loaded up the cars and headed over to the Annapolis area for my very own shower! Along with my sister, one of my childhood friends and her mom hosted it at their home and it was just the sweetest afternoon. They thought of so many cute details, including an adorable green candy bar (as nod to my wedding colors and my undying love for candy) yummy chicken salad sandwiches, and fun games like a bridal version of Scattegories (the women in my family LOVE Scattegories).
Along with these bridesmaids, both grandmas and most my aunts were able to make the trip, as well as a bunch of local family friends. It was so great to visit with everyone before the wedding and I was so excited to receive so many wonderful gifts off my registry and some really personal gifts that I can't wait to set up and use in our new home! 

After the shower we came home and napped and then all my friends wore black dresses and I slipped into something red. I'm not really use to being the center of attention but I've decided that once in a while is okay with me. We had some pre-dinner snacks and then I blushed the entire time I opened up some pretty lingerie. In between each gift my sister asked me questions which she had secretly asked T.J. to answer to test my knowledge of my husband to be. I still have a few things to learn I'm sure (that's an understatement) but I did pretty well!

We then piled into a couple of ubers and headed to my favorite Mexican restaurant in D.C, El Centro DF, for copious amounts of chips and salsa and tacos (and maybe a couple margaritas). Then we strolled a couple blocks over to break in our dancing shoes. Being the bachelorette has some perks and we were able to skip the lines and dance the night away in a vip area without being accosted by any sketchy people. 
We stayed out much later than I have in a looonnnng time before jumping back into cabs and heading home. It was a perfect girls night out and just what I wanted for my bachelorette!

After brunch the following morning everyone was headed home. They left me to work on thank you notes and to figure out the best strategy for packing up all my stuff to ship across the country next month... fortunately after my shower I have a ton of boxes piling up in my room and mom is coming to help me sort it out next week.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

weekend camping trip

My family used to go camping all the time back when we were kids.
When we were all under the same roof/in the same country/same state, we'd load up the trunk with all the gear and head out into the great outdoors.

I remember "helping" dad put up the tent. I remember crisp Fall air and bundling up in fleeces and long johns, sipping hot coco in camp chairs. Hiking up to waterfalls or down to beaches where we'd hunt sharks' teeth. Dinner would be cooked on the grill or propane stove and dessert was always dad's famous peach cobbler made in a cast iron dutch oven over the fire. And in the evenings we'd all snuggle down in sleeping bags after our hair was checked for tics and then usually one of us would read out loud before we'd all fall asleep, nice a cozy like.

I have been telling T.J. how badly I want to go camping with him. I think it would be such a fun way for us to explore the west coast and I am definitely going to look into acquiring our own tent and dutch oven.

But in the meantime... I actually did get to go camping last weekend with my aunt, uncle and two cousins.  I met up with them Saturday morning on Assateague Island over in Berlin, Maryland. I had been here once before with my parents and distinctly remember there was a horrendous thunderstorm and dad had to dig a trench/moat around the tent so we wouldn't float away.

I had a bit of a calmer experience this visit. This sliver of an island is not too far from Ocean City and is home to actual wild horses. They roam freely across the bridges, into the marshes, weaving in and out of the camp sites, and running down the beach into the ocean to play.
We camped in the State park and were just feet from the ocean and even though it was cloudy and windy and overcast I somehow still found myself in the water. I was going to take full advantage of the last weekend in summer and the surplus of boogie boards. Basically I got to be a kid again. I ditched the "grown ups" and ran head first into the waves with my cousins.
Assateague has really unpredictable weather and soon the wind drove us into hot showers. Sweatshirts and leggings and layers were required for the evening. While we waited for the sun to set and for the grown ups to make us kids dinner my cousin taught me how to ripstick (like skateboarding but not). I sort of/kind of/not really got it eventually but not before taking a nice big wipe-out that my booty is still paying for.
With the sun setting we had hot dogs, brats, baked beans and iced tea around the picnic table. Then, in keeping with my "never grow up" attitude, me and the cousins and the other kids played a couple intense rounds of manhunt in the dark.

 Once we were sufficiently worn out we settled around the fire for s'mores. Before calling it a night, we grabbed nets and head lamps and ventured down to the beach to hunt (and the promptly release) ghost crabs.
Typically I prefer tent camping but it was super damp, and humid, and also pretty chilly, that I was thankful for the more solid camper for sleeping that night. The next day we were greeted with gourmet hand-dipped donuts from the Fractured Prune. Dunkin Donuts has nothing on these hot from the oven, melt in your mouth treats. I had the OC Sand which gets a honey glaze before it's tossed in cinnamon sugar.
After my donut I promptly headed back to the beach and then happily took a nap in the sand with one of my favorite sounds in the whole world, crashing waves, lulling me to sleep.  After my nap and a bit of lunch I said goodbye to the beach and my relatives and headed home. I am so glad I got to have a little getaway with this family of mine. I have loved living close by and having family in town to run to when I need a break, or a comfortable place to just be. Truly it's made my time in Maryland infinitely sweeter and I can't help but feel sad that I won't be able to see them whenever I want anymore. But I will definitely be taking advantage of every opportunity to spend time with them before I move and I know they'll make their way across the country to visit me on the West coast. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

A whole week in Washington.

I took a bit of a blogging break the past couple weeks. I was on the go and when I finally landed I had to play catch up on sleep and laundry first before I could catch up here.

After my roommate's wedding I kept on moving and flew out to Washington to see my fiance for an actual week! We've gotten accustomed to long weekend visits so it was such a nice treat to have 8 whole days together. It's crazy to think that in 103 days I will get to see him everyday (for the most part, except for when the hospital owns him overnight).

So anyway, T.J. picked me up from the airport and relief just washed over me, like it always does when I see him after being away. I'm just so relieved to see him standing in front of me, my real-life-in-person fiance, instead of just a voice on the other end of the phone. This was our longest period of separation and I always feel this tension building the longer we're apart. Usually one of our visits can sustain me for like a week or so. But then around week two I start to get moodier and I lose my patience more, until finally it's like I just want to shout "why am I doing anything instead of getting on a plane to see T.J.?!"
While I was out there I tried to soak in every minute. This was a different sort of visit since T.J. still had to work during the week, usually he's the one visiting me and getting left at home during the day. Since I didn't have a car, I kept myself busy around our house. I did some deep cleaning and got him caught up on laundry (while I got caught up on Pretty Little Liars... yes I'm basically a 14 year old girl, but it's so good!) And since Washington was enjoying beautiful weather again I went on walks and explored the neighborhood and the little town. I got to enjoy cooking for two instead of one. And we had dinner together when he got home in the evenings.

I got a pretty good idea during that week of what the day-to-day out there will look like. I also got an idea of how much time to myself I might have and thus confirmed the need to find something to do out there. (I'm working on it.)

When we planned my visit we were happy to find that it overlapped with a little weekend getaway for the ortho residents. T.J. along with all the other residents and their families got off work early on Friday. We drove 4 hours across the mountains to Leavenworth and we listened to country music all the way there as we drove through more of our new and unexplored state. Sometimes I forget that we are 3,500 miles away from "home" and it just blows my mind when I think about where we are on the map.

The older resident's wives organize the retreat and we had three lodges all next to each other tucked away in the mountains. It felt just like fall, crisp and fresh, and it was so pretty with hammocks to relax in, outdoor fire pits, and the sound of the river near by.
We spent most of the weekend hanging out with everyone and getting to know the other families. I took advantage of their experience and asked a bunch of questions about relocating, getting my military id, changing my name, and all that fun stuff. T.J. got also caught up on the sleep he doesn't get during the week and we headed down the mountain to explore the little touristy area. Leavenworth is a Bavarian town and apparently quite the fun spot for Octoberfest activities. It has tons of wineries and breweries and lots of places to enjoy brats with sauerkraut and big German pretzels. 
We stopped for a pint at Icicle Brewing Company before heading back to the cabins for dinner and s'mores. There I snapped the only picture with T.J. from my entire visit, and even more sad is there are zero of the two of us. Bad Shannon. 
It was a fun little getaway and we enjoyed seeing more of our new home outside of the army base and our neighborhood. We headed back to our house Sunday afternoon, grabbed burgers on the way home, and then spent the rest of the day reading on the couch (futon).

Even a whole week visit seemed to fly by much too quickly and I was more than a little bummed to be packing up and heading back East Monday morning. These longer visits are so much better than short weekends but they are so much harder to break away from. I got another glimpse of Mt. Rainier as I left behind Washington and I thanked my lucky stars that soon I will be flying back for good (well, for five years at least) and putting down roots here with my guy.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Today is my sweet momma's birthday. This is going to be such a fun year for our family, full of change and big life events. She's basically the glue holding everyone close and making it all happen and making sure we don't spin off.  So be sure and pop by her blog and wish her a happy day! Man, wouldn't it be great if you could always be with the people you love on their birthdays?

So my mom wrote this post last week and I've been thinking about that word a lot.


Am I ready to get married? That's the big question everyone keeps asking me these days. Am I nervous, anxious, excited? Yes! Yes! Heck yes! Do I have any idea what I'm getting myself into? I guess not.

But can you ever really be ready?

Mom says not so much, and I tend to agree with her.
On most things I would say I agree with her.
Even though my voice has sometimes been known to get higher (and louder and more frantic) when we're "discussing" important life stuff on the phone together, I already know, in the end, I'll be agreeing with her.

She's made me ready. As ready as one can claim to be...which is probably not that ready. But still, if I'm ready at all she gets a great big chunk of the credit.
Because she taught me, trained me, prayed for me and for T.J., raised me up.
Because of my parents marriage, a living example of love and commitment to each other, to the family they made, to the vows they said, for better or worse.
Because of all that, I feel ready for this. Well... as ready as I'll ever be.

I can say without a doubt in my heart that I am ready to marry T.J. in the sense that I cannot flippin' wait! I am ready to kiss him at the alter and be under the same roof, in the same house, on the same side of the country. I am ready to do life together as a team. I am ready to make a home,  have adventures, and fall deeper in love with him.

I am ready to be his wife in the sense that I am done missing out on the day to day. The mundane, every day highs and lows, the laundry, the dishes, sharing meals and personal space, dancing in the kitchen, running errands and holding hands. I am ready for all that and for him to be all mine.

Am I ready for how marriage is going to change me, and push me, and move me to grow like everyone says it does? Am I ready for how it's going to reveal things about myself, about T.J., about God, that I couldn't see before?

Probably not as much as I like to think I am. And that's okay, because what would be the fun in that? Knowing what we're "in for" might make us more cautious or even fearful. It might spoil the surprises in store or take away from the joy and the fun of figuring it out as we go along.

And when something comes along that we're not ready for, I know that advice, encouragement, words of wisdom, or a reality check from the folks, are just a phone call away

From mom and dad to mother and father of the bride.
From daughter to soon to be wife.
From friend, to fiance, to soon to be husband.
I guess we're ready.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Roommate's Wedding

I got to watch my sweet roommate tie the knot this weekend and it could not have been more special. Truly it all came together so perfectly and I loved seeing her look more beautiful and more happy than ever. I've been to my fair share of weddings and I've been a bridesmaid before but I definitely noticed the tears coming more quickly at this one, which is saying something because I always cry at weddings.

It's just that it was so much more evident to me at this wedding that everything is changing. That we're crossing this line I didn't see was there before. Into marriage, into our own roommate-less homes we'll share with a boy, into years that are farther away from college and closer to grown up land.

Don't get me wrong, the tears were all happy this weekend. I loved anxiously walking down the aisle and seeing her beaming groom at the other end. I loved sitting in the first pew and catching the bride's eye or looking over at our other roommate sitting next to me and just feeling so amazingly lost for words that I have been blessed to do life with them.  I loved smiling for photos and smiling harder while her dad shared the sweetest toast. I loved dancing and staying in high heels from 12 in the afternoon to 12 in morning.
This wedding was also like a little sneak peak of what I can expect for mine and T.J.'s big day and I didn't think it was possible but my excitement ratcheted up to a whole 'nother level. I just can't wait to have all the people who know and love us best in the world all in one place at the same time.
Seriously, since the day my parent's dropped me off at college it has been a revolving door of one fantastic roommate after another. How did I get so lucky? And now I just can't wait for them to stand up with me in just a couple more months. I am so happy for the newlyweds and also slightly jealous as they are now on their way to Hawaii...