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five thoughts on friday

Happy first day of summer y'all!! I have been under the weather the past week and a bit so the blog has taken a back seat. My brain is mostly concentrating on coughing, sneezing and breathing as discreetly as possible so as not to gross out my co-workers. It's a big job. 
So since my head&…

The Hodgepodge

1. What do you think makes a good dad? 
Someone who will kill the spiders left trapped under a Tupperware container by his girls for 3 days waiting for him to get home from a business trip.
Someone who works hard but still loves to play restaurant with his daughters. (My dad was the number one cust…

What I Read in May

Ender's Game- Orson Scott Card- Go out and read this book right now. My roommate had been telling me over and over how I just had to read this book and I finally bought it at the airport on some recent trip and I finished it by the time we landed. It's that good. So good that when my roomma…

Best Birthday Weekend

I have just been smiling all weekend because I am oh so incredibly blessed to have such amazing friends who made my birthday so wonderful!

My roommates... y'all...I have had the best roommates ever! Ever since I left my parents house and moved into the dorm and then to an apartment and then to …

Five on Friday

one. Today I am 25. The big two five. And you know what? This year is going to be a hundred times better than 24- I can promise you that! 
two.I have some special visitors coming in to town today and I just feel so blessed that I have such loving friends. Even though we all live many states apart, a…

Monday Monday

Usually I am anti-Mondays. I mean really who isn't? In fact I propose we absorb Mondays into the weekend and always have 3 days off. Who's with me?

But today, so far, it's actually not that bad.

Even though I got up half an hour earlier than necessary (thinking it was Friday already and…