Thursday, March 30, 2017

Showered In Love

It's a cheesy post title but I'm all sorts of cheesy these days...

A couple weeks ago T.J. and I flew back to South Carolina for a week of leave. The whole time we were traveling I just kept thinking how the next time I make this trip it will be with a baby in tow. So crazy to think about! Also, when that time comes I'm gonna need all the baby travel tips, k? Thanks!

Since we had our anatomy ultrasound just a couple days before our trip we decided to keep the gender a secret until we could tell everyone in person, something we didn't get to do with our pregnancy announcement. The night we got to town we all gathered for dinner at a favorite restaurant on the lake. I had wrapped up two blue pictures frames with the ultrasound picture, one for my mom and one for his mom. Before they unwrapped them, though, we went around the table and asked everyone to guess what they thought baby would be. Most of the table said girl, and even though I was about to burst with excitement I think I managed to keep a pretty good poker face the whole time. And of course no one on team girl was disappointed to learn it's a boy!
The next day my mom hosted a baby shower for me! Even though I was barely 20 weeks and that might seem a bit early for a shower, we knew I wouldn't be back in town again before baby's arrival so it was now or never and it actually worked out jut so perfectly. It was exactly the shower I always imagined. My mom went above and beyond with all the cute details and baby boy and I felt thoroughly spoiled and loved. A bunch of my family came to town along with a couple college friends, plus all of my mother-in-law's dear local friends were in attendance as well. 
(The great grandmas and the grandmas to be) 
(Future aunt and grandma.)
(He still can't believe I'm pregnant.) 
Once guests started to arrive, before we could do anything else, we had them make their gender guesses as well and then I shared the news by opening up a box to reveal blue balloons tied around a sweet little stuffed lamb. The shower had a loose "Welcome Little Lamb" theme which everyone embraced. Luckily I think lambs are simply precious and perfect for a baby, and our little boy is now going to have a whole bin full of stuffed lambs thanks to this shower. 
Once everyone was in the loop we sat down to a yummy lunch. It was so fun to finally be able to gab about the baby with all the family. I hate secrets and even though I only had to keep this one for a couple days... that was enough for me. 
(Be sure to check out my mom's post about the shower. She shares all the sources for the sweet details.)
After lunch and a couple games it was present time. I really hadn't purchased anything for baby at that point (which is basically a miracle) so I was so excited for every swaddle and onesie! My one little concern about having a shower this early was that since guests wouldn't know the gender beforehand I'd end up with a bunch of gender neutral baby clothes that weren't really my style. Turns out though, most gender neutral outfits are simply perfect for a little man and I got some of the sweetest, most adorable items! 
That's my "oh my gosh it's so tiny!" face. Nothing makes it more real than holding teeny tiny onesies and baby booties in your hands and realizing that an actual little person, growing in my belly, is going to wear those in just a matter of months. 
Sidenote. My dress is from Sew Trendy Accessories and I thought it was perfect for my shower. I was worried I wouldn't actually look pregnant since it was an earlier shower so I wanted something fitted, but of course that was a silly concern. I had it customized with on the shoulder cap sleeves rather than the off the shoulder style it came with and they cut it to length for this petite mama. I'm hoping to maybe wear it again for maternity photos if I end up doing those. 
My mom had made sure to note on the invitation to ship larger gifts directly to our house and I brought an extra empty suitcase with me so we were able to get all our new baby goodies home. It was so much fun unpacking everything in the nursery and having more boxes to open once we got back to Washington.  Now I just need to get a dresser and tiny hangers to put all the things. T.J.'s reaction to most of gifts was "what is this for?" He'll be an expert soon enough though!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 17-21

How far along: 21weeks! Half way there baby! Time is simply flying by!

Size of Baby:
Endive. 10.5 inches!

It's a BOY!

Weight Gain: 8 pounds total.

I pee all. the. time!

Belly Button: In for now but it's definitely stretched to it's limits.

Exercise: Um.... I walk the dog... when it's not pouring rain, which it's been doing A LOT of lately. But my goal for the second half of this pregnancy is to (try to) exercise regularly (beyond walking the dog) so that my body is strong and ready for labor.

Sleep: Still the hardest part of being pregnant and I have a feeling it's only going to get trickier the further along we get. I am really looking forward to sleeping on my back again in about 19 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Don't get me started on the sizing of maternity jeans or the limited options for petite ladies. I'm rocking leggings every day and really looking forward to warmer weather so I can wear more dresses. But I finally caved and bought a new bra and everyone is happier for it. And I picked up a couple of tops that are not specific maternity wear but I stuffed a sweater under each shirt in the dressing room and I think they should work as I continue to get rounder.

Best Moment of this Month: Finding out the gender!!!! Feeling the baby kick!!! My baby shower (which I will bog about)!!! All the exclamation points. I am just loving being pregnant.

Looking Forward to Next Month: Getting started on the nursery now that we know it's a boy. I have also been holding out on buying anything for our little one and now I can't wait to start loading up on all the cute little boy clothes and necessities. I also love watching my belly grow and feeling more baby kicks and punches. Basically I like to stare at my belly all day and wait to see it move. He's a wiggle worm.
(I didn't take a chalkboard pic at 20weeks because we weren't at home. Also I didn't know how to draw an endive....) 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's a...

I'm having a baby boy.
I'm going to have a son.
I can hardly believe it and I am so excited!

T.J. was sure we were having a girl. He was convinced and he had mostly convinced me except then I had a dream it was boy the week before our ultrasound and didn't want to be set one way or the other. But if I'm honest it was hard to picture a boy simply because I'm a girl, and I have a sister, and that's just what I'm used to. But when our little one flashed his goods there was no doubt.

And now my mindset is changing, how I'm thinking about this pregnancy and the years to follow has shifted. Our future looks so different than I could have ever hoped! A boy! A sweet little baby boy. Seeing our baby moving and squirming on the screen, seeing confirmation that he was going to have a son, I watched T.J.'s excitement ratchet up. Not that he wasn't excited about a girl but, again, for him it was unfamiliar territory.

Suddenly I could see a sweet little boy nestled on my husband's chest. I saw overalls, and smocked longalls, toy trucks, scraped knees, Little League and a car full of stinky boys after football practice.  I saw him, my son, barefoot and chasing the goats at my in laws. I saw a little boy in a lifejacket and my dad teaching his grandson to waterski.

A BOY! This is going to be so much fun!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pick a Side: Old Wives' Tales

Tomorrow we go for our anatomy ultrasound and I am BEYOND excited! It feels like I'm waiting for Christmas morning or a trip to Disney World. I can't wait to stare at our sweet baby moving on the screen for a whole hour, AND I can't wait to find out if baby is a little man or little lady. How wild is that and how amazing?!

T.J. (and everyone else) has probably asked me every day since I got pregnant if I had feeling about the baby's gender. He has his prediction and while I mostly feel the same I've tried to stay pretty neutral so that I'm not dead set one way or the other. I had a dream early on it was a girl but the other week I had a dream it was a boy so I really have no idea. Obviously it's a 50/50 chance and we will be thrilled with either a son or daughter. I just can't believe I'm actually going to have a son or a daughter in about 5 months! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!

Before we know for sure though, we thought it would be fun to see what the old wives' tales have to say on the matter...

We are going home in a few days and I can't wait to share the gender with our families in person! I am also excited to finally be able to buy some cute and oh so tiny baby clothes, and start referring to the little nugget as "he" or "she" rather than "baby" or "it." So what do you think? Boy or girl?