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Showered In Love

It's a cheesy post title but I'm all sorts of cheesy these days...

A couple weeks ago T.J. and I flew back to South Carolina for a week of leave. The whole time we were traveling I just kept thinking how the next time I make this trip it will be with a baby in tow. So crazy to think about! …

Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 17-21

How far along: 21weeks! Half way there baby! Time is simply flying by!

Size of Baby:
Endive. 10.5 inches!

It's a BOY!

Weight Gain: 8 pounds total.

I pee all. the. time!

Belly Button: In for now but it's definitely stretched to it's limits.

Exercise: Um.... I walk the dog... …

It's a...

BOY!!!! I'm having a baby boy.
I'm going to have a son.
I can hardly believe it and I am so excited!

T.J. was sure we were having a girl. He was convinced and he had mostly convinced me except then I had a dream it was boy the week before our ultrasound and didn't want to be set one way…

Pick a Side: Old Wives' Tales

Tomorrow we go for our anatomy ultrasound and I am BEYOND excited! It feels like I'm waiting for Christmas morning or a trip to Disney World. I can't wait to stare at our sweet baby moving on the screen for a whole hour, AND I can't wait to find out if baby is a little man or little lad…