Monday, September 24, 2018

don't let me forget

Tommy is so fun these days. He is almost 14 months now and I really love this age. He is so engaging and able to do more and more fun things! He is becoming a full blown toddler before my eyes and sometimes I catch a look at him and see the teenager he's going to be, the handsome young man I'll get to know one day and it simultaneously thrills me and makes me realize how quickly time will pass. It's so easy to just feel like I'm surviving each day but they are filled to the brim with precious, silly moments that make me laugh out loud, or roll my eyes, or want to squeeze the stuffing out of him.
How he head bangs when you tell him to "rock n roll!" The naughty silly smile he gives right before he undoes his own diaper. How he notices every single dog we pass. The way he braces himself for a lick from Hunley. The way he says "uh oh" every time he drops something off the highchair like it's an accident but really he did it on purpose (over and over and over again). 
The way he's started to turn around and back up slowly into my lap to sit and read. How he yells with excitement when daddy comes home. His attempts to say "cheeeeeese!" His fast little walk-run in his moccasins.  The way he sticks his hand in the snack cup and wildly yanks out a fistfull of puffs sending them flying. 
The way he squeezes his eyes closed and shakes his head back and forth when he doesn't want another bite. How he imitates saying "thank you." That he hides behind the kitchen table a safe distance from the Roomba. The way he sings the "do do do do do do" part of the Baby Shark song. 

My sweet wild boy has me chasing him around all day and I definitely fall onto the couch once he's down for the night with a big exhale. But all these little nothing moments make up the sweetness of these long days. So I write it down, capture it, remember it, all his interests, personality quirks, all the funny things he does.  Please oh please, I don't want to ever ever ever ever forget!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

welcome fall + a bucket list

It's not technically fall yet but it sure is feeling like it in the Pacific Northwest and it's after Labor Day which is a much more appropriate time to dive in to all things pumpkin spice (except the lattes-blech) than the end of August like some fall fanatics. I love summer, I love the heat and the sunshine and the long days and I don't even mind the humidity if you've got AC and a lake to jump in. Which is exactly what we did last week when we were home in South Carolina where it still felt very much like summer. I am not one to wish away summer and every year I roll my eyes at the Halloween swag that you start seeing in the grocery stores as soon as the 4th of July is over.  But...I can't deny there's something magical about this time of year.
This tends to be a short season for us here and we don't really get all the beautiful crisp days with an explosion of golden leaves like you have back on the East coast. It's more of a soggy dampness that settles in and doesn't leave until June. So I think I better go ahead and put out my pumpkins, burn my spiced candles, and buy some mums to kill while I'm still in the enchanted phase of fall and not the "sick and tired of wiping off my dogs wet feet every time we come in from a walk" phase that takes over later in the season. 
I made a fall bucket list on our kitchen chalkboard (#basic) and can't wait to check these off with my little family. T.J. asked why Harry Potter was on the list, and while I considered going the standard Hocus Pocus route, Harry Potter just feels right.  Like the perfect rainy day, snuggle in movies for fall. Plus the first book came out 20 years ago, we've grown up together, so I feel like it deserved to be highlighted this year.
I am really excited to do all the fun, classic, memory making things with Tommy this year. It's only his second fall, and last year we started the makings of some fun family traditions with him, but he was only two months old! This year he's older, he's walking, he's into everything, he's exploring and it's just so much fun! He's already a big fan of picking up leaves and pinecones (and trying to eat them). I can't wait to experience it all with him this time around and see him really start to take it all in.