Happy Hodgepodge

1. What makes you stand on your feet and cheer?

Hearing a huge crowd sing the National Anthem, like at a baseball game or at an Olympics Medal ceremony in another country- so powerfully patriotic! (I'm sensing that's the theme of these questions).

2. What is your favorite patriotic song?

God save the Queen... Just kidding! My Country Tis' of Thee!

3. Do you believe that opposites attract? If you have a significant other are you opposites?

Initially, yes, sometimes. It is nice to have someone who balances out your personality. You're stubborn and they're not (Peter and I are both stubborn for the record, that was just an example). You're shy and they take you out of your comfort zone. But I don't think it always applies where interests or beliefs are concerned. I think you have to share the same the core values and general interests. Peter and I are pretty similar in that we both love to try new things, we're outgoing and personable and social. Where we are opposites is I "wear my heart on my sleeve" and Peter tends to keep his feelings to himself. But I think that's more of a "men are from Mars, women are from Venus" kind of difference.

4. Where would you want to get a "behind the scenes look?"

I would love a behind the scenes look into a ballet company. The furious rehearsals and classes, the backstage frenzy of pointe shoes and tutus. All the effort that goes into making the final production look effortless.

5. How far would you have to travel to ride a merry-go-round?

I can't say I'm that familiar with the distance to my local merry-go-round. Not sure we have a local merry-go-round but I'm not all that far from a Six Flags.

6. When was the last time you saw fireworks? What was the occasion? Do you enjoy fireworks?

Last 4th. I saw them from my car as I was driving home from work. The past 2 July Fourths I have spent working. This year that will not be the case! In fact I am going to spend it our nations capital! I am banking on some stellar fireworks!

7. Of all the beauty products you own, what item do you consider to be the most overpriced?Nail polish. That tiny little bottle of pretty paint that costs almost $10. Maybe if I stuck to Wet n' Wild it wouldn't feel so ridiculous but I am a bit of a nail polish snob and prefer O.P.I or Essie. In fact yesterday I got a new color: Essie's Clambake. If I'm being honest I bought it partly for the name!

8. I recently ordered some solutions to the storage problem in my bathroom (there is no storage). It was delivered the other day and last night I got around to assembling it. It would have probably taken me less than an hour had everything been sent to be correctly- but when does that ever happen? Fortunately I'm good with a drill and was able to make new holes to correct the mis-alignment.


  1. Hi!
    Behind the scenes of a ballet would be awesome to see. Love the color of the nail polish. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  2. Shannon,
    I hope you enjoy the national fireworks! We love them! If we ever move away, I will truly miss seeing them over the monuments. This year we aren't going downtown, but plan to hang out with friends in the suburbs. Maybe next year.

    The ballet company would be interesting. I loved that question!

    Nail polish is expensive. I love that you're a np snob, so is my daughter.

    Got to love a girl who is good with a drill. I could use a little more practice, but if it was left up to me, I could get it done. Hope the storage solution works out.

    Happy 4th!

  3. I can only imagine the fireworks at our nations capital will be out of this world! Have a wonderful 4th!

  4. #2-hilarious!! Plus i know you're only half joking : ) Can't wait to see ya this weekend!


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