Date Night

The other night Peter and I had an actual, semi-spontaneous, perfectly lovely date night! I am still glowing and smiling about it- he was just so sweet. Since moving up to D.C we don't see each other during the week as much as before/as much as I would like to- in fact when we got together last night I hadn't seen him since the previous Wednesday!

Now getting together requires actual planning. For instance, I might have to bring a change of clothes if I plan on staying in the city for dinner and I don't want to be in my work clothes all night. And we have to keep an eye on the metro time table so neither of us misses the train back to our respective homes.

I was nervous about moving up here and what affect it would have on our relationship-which had never been tested outside of the college "bubble". What I've realized is the positive side of our geographic distance, is that I no longer take our dinners out and our time together for granted. It's something that I really look forward to and get excited about rather than something I expect.

In other news... today is my parents 27th wedding anniversary! I am so amazed and inspired by the example of their marriage over the years! Congratulations mom and dad! Love you both!


  1. congratulations to your parents! mine celebrated their 30th anniversary last's amazing to me.

    and that is wonderful about your date! i hope that being in this new place continues to do wonders for your relationship :)

  2. Congratulations to your parents!


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