Missing the Family

Sadly it did not work out for me to go home this past weekend and I sorely missed spending father's day with my dad. I so wish I could have told him in person how important he is in my life and it would have been nice to have given him a big hug-squeeze-kiss!

But he had just returned from India, they had a work friend staying with them, and I wouldn't have been able to get in until quite late. Hugely disappointing. There is nothing better than a couple days at home to refresh my spirits and to trick me into thinking I don't miss them so much. Sigh... so we plow forward and we will have to plan for another weekend.

Our family and extended family have NEVER lived close to one another. It's just normal to me that vising a relative requires planning and a long car trip or a plane ticket. I have no idea what it's like to live in the same town as grandparents and cousins and parents. I'm pretty jealous of people who have the luxury of seeing their relatives more than just at Christmas time- sadly it's something I've gotten used to.

Ok. I am getting off my pity party now because I've remembered that I have a second family!

Dear friends who are like sisters to me (and in some of us are "sisters")! And I am so excited because I get to see them this weekend!! Girls trip to the lake!! AH! Details to come...


  1. I'm sure your were missed just as much. Not living by family for the last three years has been the hardest transition. It was weird just the three of us yesterday and all our neighbors had big family parties going on. Sucked!
    I hope you are loving your new life in DC.

  2. The family misses you too : ( Strawberries will be done by the time you get here but we might hit it right for raspberry picking. That would be fun and delicious too!


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