Bikinis, Boats and Besties

It's hard to do justice to a most wonderful weekend! I left work Thursday, hopped on the Amtrak and then an airplane and in no time I was in Hunstville, Alabama with six of my best friends! We did so much in the too-short time we had with each other but most importantly, we caught up on each other's lives!

A weekend with my besties was just what I needed. I took no less 150 pictures! Not even exaggerating!
We spent most of the weekend in our bathing suits-soaking up some much needed sun and enjoying the beautiful lake. (I semi-promised not to include too many bikini pics so I am a little limited. hehe). I asked myself no less than a hundred times "why do I not live at the lake full time?" Friday we were out on the water all day. We cruised around for a while, and did some rope swinging.
That's me flying through the air!
In the later part of the afternoon we heard a little thunder and decided to head back to the house. We put the pedal to the metal but didn't quite make it....
Even our fearless driver couldn't handle the pelting rain.
So we hunkered down under a bridge and waited for the hurricane to pass. (We may have had a few dozen missed calls from the girl's dad...)

After we survived our storm we had dinner and got ready to go downtown Hunts-vegas to celebrate a friends 23rd bday! It's so much more fun curling your hair and getting dolled up, with a few friends to laugh with!
More to come-stay tuned for part 2! I'm still uploading photos!


  1. What a fun, fun, fun weekend! Y'all look fabulous!!!

  2. Sounds like a great time...I would love to live on a lake that would be so peaceful and relaxing.

  3. So glad i'm seeing the flying girl photo and the caught on a boat in a storm picture after the fact! Course you do have a little bit of practice in the storm thing, right? : )

  4. Love these photos - they're so cute and fun! My Website


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