Moving Mayhem

I will be moving all my stuff for what is basically the 4th time this weekend. I moved my stuff from South Carolina to a U-Haul. From a U-Haul to a storage unit. Now it's going back into a U-Haul. And then down the road to it's final destination, for now.

I know my parents can't wait to help! But in all honesty, I am so lucky to have parents willing to drive back and forth, and rent trucks, and do the heavy lifting and the heavy sweating to make me comfortable in my new place.

Moving is never simple especially since my dad claims that I have accumulated more "crap" in 5 years than he has in 20. Add in the 95 degree weather and you just know it's going to be a blast! I am so ready to get settled though. For over a month I have been living in my friends room, trying to keep all my stuff contained in a couple of suitcases in a corner of the room. She's been so sweet and flexible and even cleared out part of her closet for me. But it is definitely time to give her back her space. And as the temperatures have risen her bedroom has gotten a little bit too stuffy- no offense roomie!

So in preparation for my move to my newly vacated room I have quite the to-do list. My bedroom is really the entire basement level of our house, which means it's a huge space (17x19ft) and deliciously cool. It also means there is no carpet. Roommate and I had quite the adventure at Lowe's the other night in search of carpet. Basically After driving all the way out there it turned out they didn't have 20 ft of the carpet I wanted in stock. So we called a different Lowe's "negotiated" a delivery charge and then I proceeded to give them my info over the phone. Then they asked me for directions to my house and I promptly handed over the phone to roomie who was shaking her head saying "can't they just google map it?"

After having to spell out each street name and repeating multiple times "no, not left, right on Maple," I then heard roommate say "are you kidding me?" She handed the phone to the carpet man standing next to us and explained that they couldn't deliver it until next week!

(this is roomie's "are you kidding me face?")
Long story short, we got the carpet delivered yesterday and I was up until 1 am rolling it out and cutting around all the corners.
Carpet pad is a success!

Carpet down, making progress!
But don't even get me started on my painting progress....


  1. Wow that is an adventure! It will be nice to have your own space again and in a cooler part of the house. Have fun setting up your room!

  2. Happy Birthday !! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Hi! I got here via your mom's blog (who is an awesome lady, by the way... though I only know her from blog-world... still... she definitely sounds like someone I could sit and have coffee with and chat the day away!) Anyway - I am so glad you got moved in ok and finally got the carpet issues taken care of! And I hope you have a blessed birthday! :-)

  4. Hopping over from your mom's spot to wish you a very happy birthday!. Congrats on the job too! Blessings, SusanD

    BTW, How are you doing on your memory verses? I seem to have a mental block to memorizing them right now. Ugh!

  5. Happy Birthday Shannon! What a great time in your life!

    *visiting from your Mom's blog... don'tcha just love her. :)

  6. Oh, my, you remind me so much of your Mom in your writing style. How funny! Hey, hope you have a very Happy Birthday in spite of all that you have going on and do hope you will be very happy in your new "home." Blessings!

  7. Happy Birthday!
    Looks like things are rolling right along for you!

  8. Here from your Mom's to say Happy Birthday!

    We just moved my son and daughter-in-law to their new apartment on Saturday. Of course they're on the second floor in an area with no elevator. :-)

  9. Happy Birthday Shannon! Have a wonderful time working in DC.

  10. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


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