If you're new around here, a while back I made a big list of 101 things I wanted to check off in 1001 days. Well... we are 623 days in and I have only checked off 19... weak!

One of those little goals, #22, is to grow Shannon Elizabeth Designs. I'm not sure how I'll measure that, or when I'll decide it's grown enough to be crossed off the list, but I figure I should at least mention it on here once in a while to get the ball rolling. 

You see, in college I was an art major and I studied and loved graphic design. And while I get to do some projects at my current job, I miss being creative and sketching and doodling and fiddling with Photoshop. And obsessing and tweaking and figuring out a solution to a design problem, ultimately creating something that wasn't there before, taking images from my head or from inspiration, and putting them on paper, and by paper I mean a computer screen.  

A while back I set up a little design page and I've gotten to do a few blog designs- headers, full face-lifts, linky buttons, and other things here and there. Still, I haven't really pushed for it or pushed myself to find more projects. I guess I've excused it as not enough time and feeling too inadequate to take on big projects, and charge for my time. But #73 on my list is to complete 10 blog designs and I have done 3 (plus the design stuff I help my mom with, which doesn't count). 

So I'm taking over the letter G. I'm setting aside any fears I have about putting myself out there and being shot down. I updated my design page and added some new services as my understanding of blog design has increased, along with my confidence.  

That 3 isn't going to grow into 10, 20, 100 if I don't put a little effort into it. 

Thanks for letting me self-advertise. Head over here for more details.


  1. I wish you well in your venture.

  2. Thank you for the freebies : ) I like the new look on your design menu. Keep creating!

  3. Maybe if my blog had a touch your sincere services, I would be more inspired to keep blogging....Let's talk!

  4. Keep Growing. Stretch yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised. XOXO HSK Dad


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