The "I Made it Home Safely" Texts

"Text me when you get there."

That could be my mom's tagline.

Either that or "no hanky-panky," which she mostly just said in jest (I think) before we headed off to coed situations back in high school.

Both are phrases that were usually answered with a reflexive "we knoooww, mom" and maybe an eye roll from my sister and I.

But while I may fake exasperation and joke about all the texts I must send along each leg of a trip, ("let me know when you get to your gate, text  before you take off, and when you land, and when you get picked up and are safely buckled in the car") I actually kind of like it. And really, can I blame them?

I mean they are the best. They freely and with encouragement sent me out on my own into the world.

In high school it was letting me take the train by myself  to meet up with girlfriends in London.
It was signing permission slips for art trips and theater trips in countries they hadn't visited themselves.
Dropping me off at the airport for a trip to Turkey with 20 unsupervised graduating seniors.
Moving me back across the pond and settling me into college and picking out a cute curtains for my dorm room that was so very far away from them.
With only long distance phone calls and short school breaks to fill them in on my new life.

And I wonder what my parents really thought when I told them about fall break in Hilton Head, fraternity formals, or beach weekend. Or how they felt when I called home crying because I was sick, physically or for home.

And then I graduated and I moved again, and so did they, and we were a little closer geographically but I was little further out of the nest.

And you know what? They didn't grab at me and desperately try to hold me back, they spoke life and reassurance that I could handle anything. Not only that, but they are actually excited for me. It's not that we don't miss each other or wish our family lived closer, but they're not mournful that I'm "growing up." And even if the growing up bit gets hard, I know they will come running. Just a phone call, plane, train, automobile ride away. I'm never really that far from home.

So if a text letting them know I made it safely to and from my next whatever is all they're asking for in return, how can I say no?


  1. You can't say no : ) And somehow with this post you made my paranoia seem a little bit cute.

  2. Shannon, this was so, so sweet and I know it tugged at your parent's heart strings when they read it. They raised two really fine young ladies and I'm so glad that you are happy to text them that you have arrived safely. Good girl!!!

  3. And one day, you will ask your kids to do the same. I may be a 40 something mum, but when I get back from a long trip, the first thing I still do is let my mum know I'm OK. A xx

  4. I (make) ask my kids to do the same... at the gate, boarding, wheels down, picked up, back 'home.' . ..
    This was very sweet and I'm sure your parents feel blessed that you 'like' that they want to know you are safe and sound.
    Also I've learned that knowing some things AFTER the fact, isn't such a bad thing. :)

  5. Your parents are very lucky, and vice versa. A nice tribute. And as a mom, I love getting a text from one of my daughters too - knowing they are safe and okay. I sometimes think of my parents not having instant assurances with texting. They really needed to have faith!


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