Four Years

I have been out of college for almost four years. That's as long as I was in college.
How is that possible? That can't be right, can it?

Life is pretty different than I expected it to be when I was jumping up and down with my friends and throwing my cap in the air.
Four years ago I had this idea of what was waiting beyond the college bubble. I was going to get some job for a little while where I would put my major to work. Then I was going to be just like my mom and get married by the time I was 24 and be well on my way to having my own perfect little family. In the meantime I would have a really cool apartment, or maybe I'd already have a house, and probably a dog because everyone seems to gets a dog.

Obviously things worked out a little bit differently and I don't want my own a dog right now. No one is really that surprised are they? I probably spent too much time trying to force that specific timeline and that specific plan to happen. Comparing myself to each girl as she crossed things off the "becoming a grown up" list. When I crossed the 24 year mark, when I passed the age I thought I'd be settling down at, I admit I got a little nervous. And honestly that year, it felt like most everything fell apart. It was a year of lows and heart break and loss. Nothing I could have seen coming.

I have now been working at the same job for most of these four years. I have fallen in love with someone I didn't even know (at least not that well) in college. I have grown up (some) and the four years have taught me some hard lessons and also reminded me that I'm still really really ridiculously young. I'm not "late to the game", not behind any schedule.

Yes, life is different than I expected it to be 4 years ago.

And thank goodness because it is so much better!!


  1. Isn't it great how we don't know what is around the corner?! Just imagine what will happen in the next four years.

  2. God definitely makes good plans...doesn't he?

  3. This reminded me of the verse that says the heart of a man makes plans but the lord determines our steps. I agree with Beth who commented above. Can't wait to see what this next season brings!

  4. Oh, you are so, so young and have a lifetime ahead of you and I'm quite sure some more wonderful things are in store for you. I'm thinking you are well on your way to being as good of a writer as your sweet Momma. Happy everything!!!!

  5. Whenever my soon-to-be-19 year old daughter talks about potentially getting a very small tattoo, I tell her to look back a few years and notice how much she has changed since then. Your post reminds me of that. Yes, you are plenty young! I married at 26 and had my first child at 29, which was plenty young, IMO. It's nice to meet you (your mom sent me :)

  6. This is so wonderful. I am in a similar position. I always thought I'd be married with at least one kid by now (I'm 25). Lo & behold, I'm still in school and single. I'm starting to learn that you can't force life, and that God's timeline is often drastically different than my own. It's hard not to compare myself with my friends though, many of whom are married or starting their families.
    Did you by chance go to Furman? I went to Presbyterian College, not too far down the road


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