five on friday

one. I am heading up to visit the folks this long weekend. I kinda feel like I was just up there but it's already been 3 weeks and I prefer to see them as often as I can. I am really trying to take advantage of being a short train ride away because that will not always be the case....

two. I baked this yummy, scrumptious cake for my manager's birthday on Tuesday and it was a hit. For the cake recipe I used Ina Garten's Beatty's Chocolate Cake. It has coffee and buttermilk in it which makes it extra chocolaty and moist. And for the icing I used a traditional ganache (double this for your two layer cake).  Ganache is so very messy as you basically pour it over the cake. I had chocolate on my forehead, the door to the fridge, you name it. But if you use really good chocolate, an icing spatula, and have a ton of patience, it's just so decadent and rich and totally worth the mess. I recommend a giant glass of cold milk on the side and some willpower.

three. In other news, some more good food decisions...
I packed my lunch every day this week! I can now cross off #49 on my big list (that I have not completely forgotten about). Early in the week I did some prep so that in the mornings I just had to pack everything into my (new unabashedly pink and adorable) lunch box from Thirty One. I hard-boiled eggs, made a big bowl of my favorite pasta salad, stocked up on clementines. Now, I didn't eat everything you see below everyday. But they are all taste-tested and approved components for a yummy grown-up lunch box.
four. I can also declare that I resisted the urge to chase each tasty bite with diet coke and instead stuck to water all week! That's right folks... I am 5 days soda free which is almost a full week, which is a week closer to checking off #8- give up soda for a month.  Now this will totally be a lost cause the next time I go the movies (aka. probably this weekend) but I just have to have diet coke with popcorn. It's like a law.
five. Since it seems all the stores are decked out for the hallmark holiday, I thought I'd re-share the little craft project I did for Valentine's Day last year. I put together the below mini mailboxes with all kinds of goodies from the Target $1 section for the girls at my office. It was really simple and such a sweet little happy. See the original post here
I linked up this week over here today. Happy long weekend everyone!


  1. enjoy your weekend here in NJ! that cake looks so yummy!

  2. The cake looks so tasty and pretty! I love the sprinkles around the edges! Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

  3. I love your grown-up lunchbox selections! I've been making an effort to pack lunch for work too, and maybe a pretty pink container is just what I need to stay motivated :)

  4. What a divine looking cake! I'm impressed!

    And, what a cute Valentine happy! You are your Mother's daughter for sure!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your parents! Awesome job on lunch and diet coke it's hard but kiddos to you!

  6. Obsessed with your last years V-day glad you shared again!! Just found your cute, lovely blog from the linkup...and so glad I did!! Just started following on GFC, duh!! ;) Hope your weekend was oh-so-fabulous, little beauty!!!! xx


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