Custom Puppy

Do you know The Curtis Casa? Whitney and I went to college together and lead Young Life together and now she is this adorable, stylish, totally the real deal,  garden and home blogger.

She also has an incredibly talented painter sister named Anna. Anna has an etsy shop and does custom home and pet portraits. My sister and I reached out to her for Christmas this year and surprised out parents with a portrait of our sweet silly pup Dixie.  It turned out perfectly and I loved being able to give them such a personal gift.

I sent Anna this adorable picture of our goofy girl:

And got back the best thing ever! 

Come Christmas morning Dixie was also pretty impressed and I was glad I didn't have to keep this a secret any longer.
The turn around time was so quick and I just can't possibly recommend Anna anymore if you're looking for a really special and personal piece of artwork. 


  1. What a great gift for your parents, I know they must love it!

  2. That is really lovely! Great gift!

  3. We love it so much. Your secret keeping ability on this one rates a very rare 10!

  4. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift to your parents. I'm excited to check out her Etsy shop. I have 3 pups of my own!

  5. Oh my goodness that is so beautiful! I would love to have one of my big tank but he usually looks like a dufus so I don't know it it would have the sentimental "awww" factor ;)

    1. Well I just love bulldogs and their quirky cuteness- they just have so much personality! It would be a really unique portrait that's for sure ;)


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