Let's try blogging today, shall we?

I sometimes feel like I have too much to blog about so I just don't blog at all.
It's almost feels like it's easier to write if there is just one event or one great thought at a time to recap or rehash on here instead of a hundred million moments of going and doing and feeling.

Let's see. What did I not blog about these past few days?

Well... two weekends ago I went home to visit my parents and we had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together every day which I just love. And we went to the movies, and scoped out the wildlife in the backyard, and relaxed, and my mom and I got manicures, and had an extra Monday together.
Then this past weekend TJ came to visit me and we also got to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together and we also went to see a movie. He got to meet another 1/8th of the extended family. We're slowly easing him in to all the family, and the talking over each other, and the 5 stories going at the same time.

He was a big hit with my cousins. They are 10 and 13 year old boys and they are masters of Mindcraft and the rainbow loom,  and they will challenge you to a Harry Potter trivia throwdown. I can hold my own, thank you very much. And TJ was really weirded out impressed by my vast knowledge of the wizarding world.  

But he jumped right in there like he's so good at doing. And before my aunt and I knew what was what, all the guys were suddenly children. Playing ball tag which basically involved pelting each other with a ball, belly crawling behind furniture and jumping over couches and peeling off layers as the competition heated up. This is a picture of him in the official "ball tag ready-stance". And this is the first instance of me embarrassing him on my blog. Love you hun!

In between the last time I blogged and now there was a snow day and a holiday.
And there was snow cream, yoga in the living room, Netflix marathons.
And the whole metro-office-home-repeat routine.
I could have written about how darn cold it was.
Or how I cranked up the heat, piled on the blankets and worked on some blog design-y stuff.
Comfort food in the form of chicken pot pie was made.
And these were the only 3 pictures I took this whole time.

All caught up now?
K, good!


  1. He's adorable : ) I'm gonna get the real scoop from the cousins though. teehee.

  2. We had so much fun with you guys! Hope the rest of your weekend was just as fun....although ball tag would be hard to beat!

  3. Sounds like he is a hit with your family...if the kiddos like him then enough said! Hope it warms up for you soon! Happy Wednesday!

  4. That fox picture is so cool! I dont think I've ever seen one in real life! Looks kinda like my dog ;)


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