First Fall Family Fun

This is Tommy's first Fall y'all! Isn't that amazing? His first one ever. First time seeing the leaves change and feeling the temperatures start to cool and his first sniffly nose...okay that last one isn't fun  but truly it is such a privilege and a sweet time to get to experience and bear witness to all his firsts this year. I mean he has literally only sneezed like 50 times in his entire life and I've seen them all.

We get to create his first memories, and build family traditions together with him. And even though he's only two months old and won't remember this year's Fall, we're starting those sweet memories now. On Monday T.J. had off for Columbus Day so we took advantage of a free weekday and headed to a local family farm to pick up some pumpkins (and pumpkin donuts...).
Tommy got to rock his cute little beanie, always an adorable bonus, and he picked out two good pumpkins to bring home.  Our little punkin' was so excited from all the pumpkin ranching and sunshine (we're enjoying every minute of it while it lasts...) that he passed out in Daddy's arms. 
I have so many fun memories of my sister and I "helping" my dad carve pumpkins on our deck. Our job was usually scooping out the guts and then we'd draw the designs and he would do the actual carving. I imagine my (surgeon) husband will be able to fill that role quite nicely in a few years when Tommy is a bit older. 
I am so excited for all the upcoming holidays with Tommy. Last year we were in Spokane and not in our own home from  October through December so we didn't do much in the way of decorating or really do anything over the top in the way of holiday traditions. But you can bet this year I'm going all out and our trip to the pumpkin patch was just the sweetest start to the season.


  1. This post just made my heart sing for you guys!! Keep posting those precious photos, please!!

  2. So delightful to see how much you are enjoying Motherhood. He is just precious!

  3. Enjoy every moment. They go too quickly.


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