3 months with Tommy

Tommy is three months old and I have loved every minute with our little guy! I cannot believe three months ago I was just meeting him and didn't know that he would like to suck on his whole entire fist.  I didn't know that at 3 months he would wake up in the mornings with a cheesy gummy smile and it's like seeing him smile for the first over and over again or that he would chatter and coo all day long and it's the best sound in the world.

I always want to write these "pour out my heart" posts about my son but he has a sixth sense about when I get on my laptop and tends to wake up from his nap so here's some stats and highlights from this past month with our sweet baby boy, typed mostly one-handed....
Weight: 14.5lbs
Height: somewhere between 23-24 inches (it's hard to get a accurate measurement because he is the wiggliest squirmiest little guy)
Clothing Size: While I may have to roll up some sleeves or cuff some of the pants I sadly have to admit that he is now pretty solidly in the 3-6 months size though I can, and do, still try to squeeze him in a few 0-3 month pieces. It's seriously amazing how one night he doesn't fit in the 6m sleeper and the very next night his toes are busting out of the 3m sleeper. I'm so happy for a healthy growing boy but it makes my heart all achy and mushy at the same time!
Diaper Size: I have a feeling we'll be moving to size 2 diapers any day now...

Milestones: He is sooo good at tummy time and holding his head up while laying on his belly. A couple times I've put him down on his playmat and he's immediately rolled to his side and I quick grab my camera thinking he's going to go all the way over but we're not quite there yet. Soon though! He has also gotten a lot more capable with his hands which he adorably clasps and he has a super strong grip. He grabs and hold on tight to anything that brushes up against them- your shirt sleeve, my hair, the burp cloth, little toys. He gabs all day long and has so very much to say. I am so looking forward to having the sweetest, funniest little conversations with him one day!
Eating: We spend most of our day eating/feeding. He is a chowhound and during the day he pretty much only goes 2 hours between feedings max and as the day starts winding down sometimes only 1 hour.  He has some reflux but fortunately it doesn't seem to bother him, it just means we usually end up changing both our outfits during the day and doing lots of laundry. Poor Hunley still follows me around from room to room and was in the splash zone the other night when Tommy spit up over my shoulder. Some days I can feel a bit like a milk cow but I don't mind one bit! Especially because at night he only wakes up once or twice to feed. I have a list of movies and shows to watch while I'm posted up on the couch nursing and I make sure to have water, a snack and the remote within arms reach. I also have a squirt bottle next to me to spray Hunley with in case he starts doing something naughty and I can't immediately jump up to stop him.

Sleep: We do pretty well in this department at night. We start our nighttime routine around 7:30. He gets a bath which is his favorite thing and then we put on pjs and swaddle and I nurse him once more before before putting him down. He is still sleeping in the Rock 'n' Play in our room and is usually asleep between 8:30-9pm. He was doing 8-9 hour stretches last week but I think he might be going through a growth spurt because he started waking up to eat once or twice again these past couple days. We don't really have a consistent nap schedule during the day. I can usually count on him to take a decent 2 hour nap in the morning either in the Rock n Play or in the carseat while we're out running errands. Then he might do another hour nap in the afternoon, usually in his swing, sometimes in the crib if conditions are perfect. But lately it's been just 30 minutes here and there on my lap after falling asleep while nursing. If we're not in the carseat or stroller he pretty much has to be nursed to sleep which is tricky because of the reflux I can't just move him to his bed. But I try not to fight it and just let him sleep whenever and wherever and know that he wont always need to me to nurse him to sleep and he wont always sleep like a snuggly little peanut in my lap.
Personality: He is so much fun and I feel like his little personality is showing up more and more everyday. He is really social! He loves people and will pretty much be happy with anyone holding him or making faces at him. He's also a big flirt and will smile and giggle. He has a bit of "FOMO" (fear of missing out) and wants to be up where his people are which means mom or dad usually has to eat dinner one handed while he sits in our lap at the table. But it also means we can take him to restaurants or the brewery down the street and he happily enjoys looking all around and smiling or staring seriously at all the new people and he will usually fall asleep to the ambient noise. He wants to be moving all the time. He wiggles and kicks his legs and moves his arms non stop. Changing his diaper is becoming more and more of a wrestling match as he uses the changing table as his personal calisthenics space. While he's definitely able to entertain himself more and more, which is helpful around dinner time, he still prefers to be held and bounced more than anything. Oh, and he is all boy and finds every burp and fart hilarious.
Favorites: Looking at himself in the mirror, bath time, "standing up" with help from mom and dad and stomping his feet, blowing bubbles, sucking on his fists (if he could just find his thumb) and going for walks outside, which we're enjoying as much as we can before nine months of rain moves in... I think I'll have to become one of those mall walkers this winter. He's becoming more interested in books and will smile and reach for the pages. Our current favorite is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I am so looking forward to reading to him more and more as he grows up.

To my sweet Tommy- you are becoming more and more fun every day! I love watching you discover the world around you. I love making ridiculous faces in the mirror to try to get you to chuckle. I love your chunky thighs and the dimples on your cheeks and the weight of you in my arms when you finally fall asleep. So beyond thankful and lucky to have your happy little self as my son! 


  1. This post and all the photos makes my heart happy!! He is beyond adorable!!


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