Six Weeks With Tommy

Our little guy is six weeks old and I simply cannot believe it! I am every mommy/parenting cliche wondering where the time has gone, wanting it to slow down, but also loving each new day, watching him literally grow before my eyes.  I'm not sure how I want to do these posts or who they'll be interesting to besides us and our family but I just know that I want to remember these early days and all the sweet little early moments so here's just a hodgepodge of highlights from this first month of parenthood.
Our house was full of family and lots of helpers for the first few weeks but we are now on our own, figuring out our new normal as a family of three. I still can't believe this is real life, that I get to spend my days with this tiny person that we made. Getting to know him, learning what he likes and doesn't like, taking care of him is literally my dream come true. All I've ever wanted is to be a mom and now I am, forever and ever amen.
Tommy is over 11lbs now!! We haven't been back to the pediatrician since his two week appointment so this is based on standing on the bathroom scale with and then without Tommy in my arms to calculate his weight. He is definitely starting to chunk up and get some good cheeks and thighs which brings me endless joy. He is such a good eater and boy does he let you know when he's hungry. It's not so much a cry as a yell. Like "AHHHH!! Feed me!" During the day he wants to eat pretty much every 2 hours, sometimes more so we've been posted up on the couch with him binge eating while I binge watch Netflix.
At night he does longer stretches between feeds. We usually head upstairs for bed around 9 or 9:30 and do one more feed (plus a lot of rocking and bouncing and praying) before he goes down for a 3-4 hour stretch (sometimes even 5 hours which gives me lots of hope for future sleep). Then he wakes up for a quick feed sometime between 1am-3am and then he does usually another 2 hour stretch of sleep. It's working for us and I don't really feel sleep deprived which is a blessing. We're still figuring out our mornings and I'd love to have more consistent nap-time and nighttime routines so our days can be a bit more predictable but we'll get there. Right now I'm happy to just feed on demand and let him sleep or not sleep when he wants. Even though some days it feels like I'm a human milk maid, there will come a day when he wont need to nurse to fall asleep and I know I'll never wish I'd spent less time with him in my arms. 
Other than when he's hungry he really is such a content little boy and hardly ever cries. He did have some gassy spells that pissed him off early on but his little digestive system seems to have mostly sorted itself out. He sometimes gets the hiccups and has bit of reflux after he chugs milk (you should hear him gulping it down) but I'm learning that as long as I don't move and let him lay super super still and hold my breath for a few minutes after he eats I can maybe avoid getting spit up in my hair/on our clothes/on the couch.
He loves to be moving and it totally relaxes him. As soon as he's settled in his car seat or in the stroller he basically passes out. We've also had some good luck with our wrap and baby carrier. This has been great because we've been able to go out for dinner a couple times and I can run errands and he just snoozes the whole time we're out. I know that I have a big public melt down somewhere in my future but I'm going to enjoy these peaceful outings while I can. Experienced moms told me to get out of the house while they're so portable and sleepy because it won't always be this way and I'm definitely taking their advice. We keep our outings short, just a couple hours seems to be the max but it's so great to get out of the house and feel like I'm not just confined to the couch with a baby on my boob all day. Confession- I have not had to change a diaper in a public place yet and I'm kind of dreading it.
He has the strongest neck. I swear from week one he was lifting it up and if I wasn't careful head-butting me. He also seems to enjoy tummy time and I have a feeling he is going to be rolling around before we know it which is awesome but also slow down please!
He has a love/hate relationship with getting his diaper changed. Initially he scream/yelled/got super red in the face the whole time but now he seems to have decided that it's not so bad and he doesn't need to be so dramatic. We also had more than a few instances where as soon as I'd take the diaper off he'd pee all over the changing table and the wall but those are also becoming less frequent occurrences with the exception of today.... I think he could tell I was getting a little too cocky. Thanks for keeping me humble, Tommy.
His hair is the best- it's the first thing everyone seems to comment on. He has a bit of a mullet and he and his daddy have matching cowlicks. I can't decide which way it wants to part so he has lots of me licking my hand and trying to smooth it down in his future. Speaking of daddy... watching T.J. become a father has been hands down one of the best parts of these first 6 weeks. I knew he'd be a good dad but watching him love Tommy, make faces at him to try to get him to laugh, sing silly made up songs when he's fussy, change diapers, give him kisses, has made me fall even more deeply in love with him. He takes such good care of both of us and I am just so thankful we're doing this together!

Overall Tommy is turning out to be just the sweetest, happiest little guy. He started actually smiling this month and those smiles are so heart meltingly big. At first it was just these adorable little reflex smiles when he was eating or gassy but now he does these real, open mouth, whole face smiles, sometimes accompanied by a coo and I get a glimpse of his sweet little boy personality.  The next milestone I'm really looking forward to is hearing a big belly laugh! This has been the most fun, most challenging, most wonderful 6 weeks. I love you Tommy. You are my sweet son and being you mommy is my favorite! 


  1. Awe I love reading these updates! So sweet! You seem to be enjoying him and sounds like you were born to be a mom!

  2. He is absolutely perfect and so darn cute! I'm so happy for you.

  3. He is so handsome!!!! I don't have kids, but I really relate to your desire to be a mom. Hopefully one day!

  4. He is just adorable!! I can't get over all of his hair that's great! Changing diapers isn't so bad in public...though you learn as you have more children. Finnley (our second) went out to a restaurant on day 2 and needed a diaper change in the bathroom and we recently went on a European trip where many of the bathrooms were teeny tiny and had no change table so I had to resort to diaper changes on the floor!! I would have been a total freak about it with Ellie (our first) but just took it in stride this time around ;) You got this Mama!!

  5. I'm smiling as I read this beautiful and fun post!! Tommy's eyes look so deep and so wise for such a little guy! Adorable!!

  6. He is such a handsome little dude! Just love his chubby tummy. Tommy is definitely a well fed boy! I am a reader of your Moms. So, I've been following along since you and your Hubby got married, etc. I am so excited for you! I just spent the day with my year and a half old grandson and it was the best! Have a good night!

  7. Aww he is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing all the pictures of him.


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