deck makeover

A few months ago, T.J. and my in-laws built us a deck. Since then it's pretty much just held our grill, a small cafe table, 1 Adirondack chair (part of a set but I'd been too lazy to build the other one) and several dead plants (thanks to unusually hot weather and Hunley). We invited people over to our house for a 4th of July cookout and since I knew we'd mostly want to be outside I took this as motivation to spruce things up a bit.

For starters I finally assembled the second Adirondack and then decided to paint them both white. Then I hit up Lowes and picked up a little 2 seater and a coffee table, plus an adorable plant stand. I replaced all my dead herbs and potted plants (and vowed to be better about watering them and protecting them from the beast) and then I hit up Target and Pier 1 for pillows and cushions.

The plant stand was originally also white but since it was going to go between the two white chairs I decided to spray paint it an aqua color to tie it in with the new pillows and add another pop of color.

What's not pictured is the other side of the deck with the grill and the home for our little cafe table. I just love this little outdoor space even more now. It's so nice to sit out there and read while Hunley digs holes in the ground...actually the digging part's annoying but we're working on it and at least now I have a comfy cute spot to sit and keep my eye on him. 

To make the front porch as inviting as my updated back porch, and since I was already in a crafty mood I decided to also make a new wreath for the front door. And, yes I realize the 4th of July was 2 weeks ago but this patriotic little number is still hanging on my front door so I can still blog about it! I made a rag wreath which was super tedious but super easy (3 yards of fabric cut into 1"x8"strips and then just double knotted around a wire wreath form) and I love how it turned out! 
Hoping to take some of this diy decorating energy inside now. There are still so many things I want to/need to do to our home. Sometimes it's just easier to start with a smaller space, like our deck, rather than looking at every room in the house and only seeing is a giant to do list. I'll get to it all someday... hopefully before we move away.


  1. Patriotic decor is never out of style, especially when you're an Army family. I love the wreath!! And the deck looks so nice. I need another trip out there to see it in person : )

  2. I LOVE the wreath and it serves its purpose every day! Excellent job! Your deck is SO cute! Being outside is the last place we want to be, down here in Florida. Too hot and humid. I'm sure your weather there is perfect for it, though!

  3. How cute is your outdoor space! It is ready for entertaining! Love the wreath too.It seems like you are settling in to your home quite nicely : )

  4. Good job, very inviting! And, I think patriotic is always "in season."


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