Prayer Request and a DIY

I have been MIA from this blog but it's been busy round here. The Young Life office has been in full on crazy mode as we prepare to send over 100 kids to camp this summer. The 6th grade trip left this Saturday and I am so glad to have that one checked off my list. Next up this weekend is the high school camp which is going to Malibu Club in British Columbia. 60 hischoolers crossing the border is no joke, there are also two ferries involved. It's a bit like wrangling cats trying to get health forms, and parent consent and make sure everyone has some form of ID that will be acceptable on both ends of the trip so we don't have to leave anyone in Canada (I kid... but this is my nightmare).

Fortunately the Lord is in this and He know who needs to be at camp these weeks. He knows that these kids need to get away from the noise and away from their cell phones and their messy sometimes painful home life and be in a place where they can hear the truth about how loved and treasured they are by the maker of heaven and Earth.  He hold it all in His hands and it's amazing how everything always seems to work out and fall in to place just right at the last minute despite all my fears. So I pray big prayers for a perfect trip and try not to worry about the 80 percent of campers who can't afford the cost and what that will mean for our area's budget, and I try not to worry about trusting kids with their birth certificates. That being said, your prayers are appreciated.
In other news my sister comes to visit me TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!

Nothing like a visitor to motivate you to check things off the to-do list. Our guest room was passable. It had a comfy bed and the lamps on the floor didn't seem to bother our parents when they came to visit.... what more do you need? It's not too big of a room so there really wasn't space for a large dresser so I wanted to find a small chest of drawers that could double as both a nightstand and a place where guests could unpack a bit when they stay over, maximizing the space.

Here's my inspiration pins:

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I finally found the perfect size dresser at an antique store and I also found a small nightstand for the other side of the bed as well. Together, both pieces were under $80!! They needed a little tlc so I also picked up a can of Valspar Chalky Paint in Kid Gloves. Chalk paint is all the rage on pinterest, I know, so I was anxious to try it out for this project especially since it said little to no prep work required. I gave the two pieces a light sanding and using a cheap chip brush went to town. It only required two coats and the paint was super forgiving and easy to work with. Now most of the design blogs say to seal it with a wax. I've never worked with wax before and the guy at Lowes said that it was super tedious and really only practical if you plan on never using the piece of furniture. Wax was traditionally just for old antiques that sit on display and don't see a lot of action. Otherwise you have to watch it like a hawk and re-wax it every so often. Ain't nobody got time for that. Instead I bought a clear, water based polyurethane in a satin finish, which went on in a jiffy and still gave that matte-like finish that I was going for with the chalk paint.

Long story short, here's the before...
And here's the after:
I tried to keep a little bit of the distressed, shabby-chic feel to them but now they look fresh and clean and not so mis-matchy. I got the new drawer knobs from Hobby Lobby- they're a greenish color glass which compliments the new wall color (Sherwin Williams, Sea Salt). I'm still figuring out knicknacks for the dresser top and other things for the walls, plus curtains. And I like the idea of doing two wall sconces instead of lamps in here, especially since the dresser and nightstand are not exactly the same height (hence the two books), but overall it feels like the guest room is going to be the first room I can call finished. And it's much more ready for my sister's arrival!!! 


  1. I've got y'all on my prayer list and know it will be a wonderful week for the kids and staff both. Also, wish I were sleeping in that guest room with your sister this week : ) Have so much fun and take too many pictures and send me a ridiculous amount of texts. You're so got those genes from both your grandmas xo

  2. You may add my prayers to those of others. What a big job to organize all of that! I really love your new chest and stand. Perfection. Well done.

  3. Good job Shannon! What a warm and inviting guest room. And, certainly praying these kids have life changing experiences. Enjoy and have fun with your sister!

  4. I love you DIY job of the dressers. Well done!!!


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