Our New Deck

My in-laws came for a visit this past weekend. They were the first real visitors we've had since moving in and I was excited to host. It also was a great motivator to get some things done around the house before the arrived. I picked them up from the airport on Thursday and luckily T.J. was able to cut out of the hospital early and get home around lunch time (gotta love that radiology schedule).

His parents came bearing gifts in the form of a new deck. They had mentioned building one for us as a Christmas present but I was definitely surprised that it was going to happen this weekend. And honestly I was a little nervous. We don't have a huge yard and I was worried we would lose too much space with a deck. So we discussed what would work best in the space and ended up with something I love! I didn't want anything too far off the ground, I wanted more of a patio style so that it would feel like an extension of the yard rather. Friday morning we headed to Lowes (first of 6 trips) and picked up the supplies we could and made plans to return with a truck for the lumber once T.J. was off work. Then I headed in to work (we had our big banquet fundraiser on Sunday that I had to prepare for) and I was excited to see what I would come home to that afternoon.
T.J. and his dad got most of the frame built Friday and Saturday morning and then started nailing in the beautiful and wonderful smelling cedar planks. I could not wait to see get that ugly concrete slab covered up. A few measurements, some adjusting, only mild frustration, we were starting to see progress. I of course was a huge help ;) holding down boards, even nailing in a few, and subsequently falling off the deck... Miss Grace right here, I tell ya. And don't you love T.J.'s big smile there.  Glad I could provide some comic relief in the middle of the grind.

Luckily the rain held off most of the weekend and we even saw the sun and got to show off Mt. Rainier. We toured them around the base and went out to a couple of our favorite restaurants so it wasn't all work and no play for their visit. And at the end we had a beautiful deck that we are so grateful for. I may have been resistant (and a little irrational) about not wanting a deck in the beginning... but this is one of those times I'll happily admit T.J. was right and I was wrong.
His folks flew home to South Carolina yesterday and T.J. and I toasted them from a far and enjoyed our first dinner alfresco last night. We still need to do some serious landscaping and I have plans to plant some herbs and hang some twinkly lights out there and I am so looking forward to enjoying this space all summer long.


  1. Looks great! You will love having the deck this summer!

  2. What a wonderful gift!! It looks absolutely fantastic! Sweat equity pays off in a huge way and you will enjoy it soon when your folks come to visit!!

  3. Well, what a nice addition and something you all will certainly enjoy in the time ahead. Good job!

  4. It looks GREAT! And...I see STELLA!!! :D


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