Five on Friday

one. One year ago today T.J. asked me to marry him. I said yes then, and eight months later I said yes at the alter, and I plan to say yes to him over and over again until forever.
two. T.J. has been on a radiology rotation this month and it rocks. It's amazing how much time we have together! He gets home when it's still daylight outside, he has weekends off, he's getting actual rest. And we've been taking advantage of every minute we can get our hands on. We've been exploring our little corner of the world and soaking in these rare free days together.

three. We went to a concert. On a Wednesday night! That's how awesome this rotation is. We saw Eric Church up close and personal and we're totally surprised how many country fans there are out in Washington. Somehow we managed to be right in front of the stage and while that was great and all, towards the end of the show we moved more towards the back of the crowd so we could breathe and dance and not go completely deaf. Yeah, we've kind of become an old married couple. But it was still so fun and he sang all my favorite songs including Carolina which is pretty much going to be T.J.'s and my theme song for the next ten years or so until we make it back down there.
four. T.J.'s parents are coming to visit us next week and my parents are coming in the beginning of May. I am so excited about our first real company coming to stay at our house. T.J.'s parents both saw the house a while back before I had moved in so I'm anxious for them to see all the changes. My parents haven't seen any of it! I can't wait for them to sleep in our guest room and to show them around our neighborhood and the base. In preparation for their visit I've been scrambling to check off some things from our to-do list. We did some painting, bought some furniture (T.J. would say that's all I've been doing) and we're keeping our fingers crossed that our new couch arrives before they do.

five. We have more fun planned for the end of May as well. T.J. finally gets a whole week of leave! There are so many things we want to see and do while we're out in the Pacific North West so we're going to start checking them off our bucket list one by one.
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  1. What a great 5! Sounds like some fun days ahead and so glad TJ has had some time off for you all to enjoy together.

  2. How exciting to have TJ's parents coming to visit in your new home, followed by a visit from your folks!! I know it will be great fun for all of you. Hope the new sofa gets there soon!! Enjoy!


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