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Being married to T.J. is just so darn fun. Really I stop in my tracks sometimes and thank my God for answering my prayers and then some. Being married these past two months, being his wife, having our own home, living life together. It's just so much fun!! And I can't think of a better word to describe this time right now. I laugh so much, my heart feels so light.

Today is T.J.'s 27th birthday and I love that we get to celebrate it together! And I may have a few surprises that I've actually managed to keep a surprise this time. Around his birthday last year I was visiting him in Alabama and we were a month away from him popping the question. It's crazy how fast time flies and how I fall more in love with him everyday.

T.J. is working RIDONKULOUS hours at the hospital. He works so hard for us and still comes home most days smiling, and happy and silly (whereas I would be a grouchy mess) and I LOVE that. I love that he's happy to be home, I love being home for him. Meeting him at the front door when he's walking in and getting a kiss and a "hey baby"!

Of course, last week he wasn't home for dinner once and maybe he'll only look back and remember these early months and years as the hardest of his career... but I like to think he'll see it like I do. And whatever little time we spend with each other, even just a few minutes before falling into bed at the end of the longest days, makes it all so worth it.

I know we're new at this whole husband and wife thing and people love to warn you about how hard marriage is, and I'm not naive, but right now it's all that I hoped and dreamed it would be.
Happy Birthday T.J.! 

Thank you for making life more fun, more bright, more everything. Hope the many birthdays and decades ahead of us together are just as full of love and laughter. 


  1. Awww this is so sweet!! Happy birthday to your man!!

  2. Happy birthday to TJ! That is a lovely photo of you two!

  3. This is the happiest, sweetest post I think I've ever read. Happy birthday to your boy! You got a good one, but then so did he : ) Love you both xo

  4. Marriage can be hard, but it is also full of bliss... Enjoy yours!


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