favorite portraits

After the ceremony we had a quiet moment in the church office where we signed our marriage licenses and said "I can't believe we're actually married!" We had left a little gap between the ceremony and the reception to give guests time to get back downtown and to give us time for all the photo taking.  We took our family photos in the sanctuary since we didn't want to drag the grandparents out in the rain and I'm so thankful to have a portrait with all my grandparents, parents and our siblings. It's hard to imagine a time when we'll all be in the same room at the same time again so this will be a special memory.
We then loaded up the bridal party back in the trolley and headed back downtown to take our photos there popping champagne and toasting to a fun night. We then pulled up to this beautiful open air pavilion on the Reedy River (actually an old carriage house and a venue I would have considered for a summertime wedding). It was perfect picture taking spot because it was covered from the rain but we still could enjoy the last bit of daylight. 

When I look at these photos now I'm right back to that post ceremony giddy high, that floating on air feeling, where everything was happening around me but all I remember seeing is T.J. These are just a ten of my favorite shots...today. It seems, every time I look at our photos I change my mind and pick different favorites. Don't know how I'll choose which ones to put in an album or hang on our walls?? 

Next up... the reception!! 


  1. All are lovely. What a beautiful day for making life-long memories.

  2. They are all a "favorite." Just beautiful!

  3. Your pictures are just beautiful. I love them all.

  4. i LOVE your dress. what a perfect choice - the skirt is my favorite part :)


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