Greetings From Alabama

Yesterday I reluctantly returned from Dothan, Alabama. I spent the past weekend (and a couple extra bonus days- thanks DC weather) visiting TJ. He's temporarily stationed there for an Army flight surgeon training course and even though it's not everyone's ideal destination I couldn't wait to step outside into the warmer air and his waiting arms.

Saturday morning started off right with breakfast at Waffle House. I cannot explain to you how amazing it felt outside. Like I'd forgotten what it felt like to be warm in the sun. My fellow friends in the North... spring is coming and it is good!

After breakfast all I wanted to do was be outside. We headed over to Ft. Rucker to the Army Aviation Museum. I'll be the first to admit I don't know too much about all that the museum held but TJ has gotten to go up in helicopter and "play" with some simulators during his time down here so it was cool to see it all with him and let him tell me a little about what he's learned and see how aircraft have changed over the years throughout the different wars.

After the museum we drove around base and he pointed out where he's been spending most of his days. Then we headed to the National Peanut Festival to a gun and knife show- when in Alabama right? The National Peanut Festival is an actual festival sometime in the fall but it's also the name of the venue where lots of events are held. We actually ended up not staying for the gun show since you had to pay to go in but we didn't leave until after we snapped a quick picture with the giant peanut. Dothan is a hot spot for peanuts and the boll weevil, of which there was also a large statue in town.
Driving around listening to country music (it's on every radio station, including an entire station of only Garth Brooks) with the windows down we looked for something to catch our eye and couldn't help ourselves when we saw the putt putt course.  TJ ended up beating me but it was pretty darn close and as a consolation prize he let me take as many pictures as I wanted! He's such a good sport. 
On our way home we were enticed by a sign for Fresh Strawberries- the perfect sunny day treat. After a pretty full afternoon we took our farm stand haul and headed back to the hotel.

TJ had decided this would be the weekend I would watch the movie Rocky. Evidently it was a big deal that I'd never seen it before. Later for dinner we headed into town and met up with TJ's cousin for dinner and drinks. TJ and him have had fun spending time together these past couple weeks and I was excited to get to meet him.

Sunday morning came and I woke up to an email with a notice about my cancelled flight home due to bad weather in DC. After an hour on hold and finally speaking to a representative I was able to reschedule my flight for Tuesday. Usually airport problems make me batty and if this had happened on the other end of my trip I would have reacted differently. But this time, as I'm sure you can imagine, I wasn't too choked up about having to spend a couple more nights in Alabama with my guy.

Sundays are the worse day to travel- it totally ruins the day. It was so nice that Instead having my travel hanging over my head like it usually does we just got to relax and meander through the afternoon. 

One thing I had to do while in the South was get me a Publix sub. Publix is just the nicest, friendliest grocery store of all time (see this buzzfeed article) and I totally miss them up in Maryland. And y'all... their subs are so yummy. I recommend the chicken tender sub. 
We headed back to the hotel to enjoy our subs in the sunshine by the pool. You better believe I had completely forgotten about the snow and work and cold weather waiting for me up in DC. 
The rest of the afternoon we watched movies, went for a short walk, and enjoyed this surprise extra time together. We also got to watch The Walking Dead together and TJ enjoys watching me get all jumpy. 

Monday morning came and I while I didn't have to go to work, TJ had to go to class. So I got to sleep in, watch tv, eat the other half of my sub in bed, and basically wait around for TJ. 

He got home around 5 and since I'd been (happily cooped up) in the hotel all day we headed out for dinner. We shared a Hawaiian pizza and picked up Dairy Queen blizzards on the way home. We finished season 1 of 24 on Netflix and booked flights for another upcoming weekend together and then we called it a (perfect) night. 

Tuesday came much to early. We had to get up at 5 so he could drive me to the airport and get back to class on time. The early wake up was worth it though, for the extra days together. And I got to say Happy Birthday to him in person!


  1. Just seeing these pictures does help me remember spring is coming. It feels really far off here in the great (still white!) northeast. The snow mountains are frozen so solid I'm thinking they'll be some remnant of them here til summer. Glad you had a fun weekend!

  2. How nice to feel the sunshine and be with your cute guy! Sounds like a perfect weekend together! Stay warm!

  3. So many things about this post make me crazy here in the land where winter persists (but happy for you!)....the sun, the short sleeves, Publix (miss them still from my Atlanta days), the fact that you had never seen Rocky, that you guys can eat pizza and follow it up with a Blizzard! So happy you had the extra days!


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