January 3, 2015

We set the date, we set the date!! Finally! At last!
And it's just a great date if I do say so myself.

January 3, 2015

What a wonderfully perfect start to the New Year.
We'll be New Year newlyweds! 

It was quite the challenge to find a date (see here for proof). It was a big source of stress for T.J. and I, and for our families. Now that we've set the date it's like we've hit a restart button on our engagement. Instead of the anxiousness that I've felt for these first 2 months, we get to just enjoy the remaining 6 months.  

We can finally dive headfirst into the planning fun. 
I can call my mom and chat about welcome bags and hotel blocks. 
T.J. and I can register for towels and cutlery. 
Guest lists are being made, save the dates are being ordered. 
I DIY'ed a cute little something-something to send to the girls I'm asking to be bridesmaids. 

It's all happening!

Planning our most important day is finally feeling like it should have felt from the beginning- butterflies in my stomach, checking off lists, and dreams about flowers, and twinkly lights, and our first dance, and forever after. I'm floating around on air instead of feeling weighed down by the pressure to coordinate people and place and time. 

Nothing can steal my joy!  
We're tying the knot. 
We're getting hitched. 
However you want to say it, we're getting married on January 3rd!


  1. It will be a happy new year, indeed!! Hooray!!

  2. Congrats on picking the date!!

  3. Congrats! It's going to be an amazing day! Enjoy the process!

  4. Congratulations, good luck with all your preparations.

  5. Congrats and enjoy the planning process!


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