The Hodgepodge

1. Thursday marks the first day of celebrate would you rather plant a garden or go for a walk in the woods? Would either of those activities be possible on Thursday where you live? 
Looking outside it doesn't seem possible that Spring officially starts this week. On Saturday I might have believed you, but after the most recent dumping of snow on Sunday night, I have to think the calendar or the ground hog or someone is to blame for this absence of warm weather. I can't wait to be able to spend more time outdoors! One day I would love to plant a really functional garden with herbs and some veggies to use in my cooking but since I don't think the HOA would approve of me digging up the back yard I would have to choose a walk in the woods. Oh, how I am looking forward to being outdoors, without a coat and ear muffs, and mittens!
2. When did someone last spring something on you? (or when did you last spring something on someone?) 
Well, my manager decided to up and have her baby 2 weeks before her due date. And while it wasn't a complete surprise I must admit that I was pretty much in denial that she will be out for the next 4 months...

3. We often think of spring as a time for new beginnings. What's something you'd like to start doing this spring? 
I don't have room on my calendar to even pretend I'm going to do something new this spring. I have something practically every weekend from now through the foreseeable future. Maybe this spring will be the new season for not procrastinating- my specialty. And let's not forget that list of 101 in 1001 that I need to put a big dent in.

4. Where do you like to sit in a movie theatre? When did you last sit there, and what were you watching? 
Behind that bar that is usually behind the handicap seats, right in the center of the theater. I like to put my feet up on the bar during the movie.  It's much less annoying then putting my feet on someone's seat. Plus I'm pretty short and I don't like to risk having a very tall person in front of me. The last movie I saw was Lone Survivor and the theater we were in was pretty tiny and didn't even have the stadium-like seating. Before that I saw Saving Mr. Banks.
5. When you meet someone for the very first time, what do you want them to think about you?
I want them to think that I am kind and that I genuinely want to get to know them. Not just a quick "how are you? Good, thanks." reflex.

6. March is frozen food month (yes, really!). Besides ice cream (gotta make you think a little) what's your most often purchased frozen food item? 
That's easy- Amy's Macaroni and Cheese (not the gluten free/vegan kind), with a close second being sweet potato fries.

7. What's something you avoid? 
Gluten free/vegan/paleo stuff. I place every single catering order at our law firm. We have over 52 conference rooms and at least 4 catering orders a day. I can't tell you how exhausting all the dietary restrictions/preferences/freak-outs become after the zillionth phone call asking the caterer to please leave off all citrus, onions, chives, mayo, and bell peppers (and that was just for one order) and to please include a separate, specially wrapped and labeled gluten free/vegan entree on the side. Always everything on the side these days...

8. So I've been obsessed with the song "Let it Go" from the movie Frozen.
But I haven't even seen the movie Frozen...
The roommates and I are planning a girls night out next week and I think ending with ice cream and Frozen on the couch would be perfect. Have you seen this version of the song, sung in 20 different Disney character voices? So cool!

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  1. I'm one of those people with dietary requirements (sorry). The worst is beta-carotene colouring. It seems to be injected into everything (including cakes?!!) to make things look more yellow or orange. They put it in cheddar cheese, ice lollies, fruit juice...and it makes my stomach swell up to look about 6 months pregnant and have serious stomach pains. But why do we add all this weird stuff to make our food look better? I now try my best to take my own food because I just don't trust catering companies to not be using processed stuff.

    Oh, and I do the feet thing too - I always take my shoes off when I do though.

    1. You are right! And no need to apologize :) I get there are legitimate reasons to avoid all sorts of foods. And I also don't understand why we add stuff to make things look a certain way. Cakes really? How? I just wish it was easier to avoid all those bad things. I don't trust the caterers we work with to use unprocessed ingredients either. I can just feel the eye rolling on the other end of the line when I make detailed requests. You can't really know what's in something unless you make it yourself.

      Oh and I take my shoes off too. I like get to comfy lol.

  2. My favorite is Scuttle-ha!

    I like the cartoons...must be hard to be a caterer these days. It's hard just to plan a dinner party, and I know some people have legitimate health issues, but there are always some who jump on every bandwagon that rolls down the pike. Food has become so complicated.

  3. I too have to be careful about what I eat. I learned the hard way that if I eat something my body doesn't want - it makes me pay however I am not much into the new fad foods either.

  4. Love the someecard on the left! Agree 100% I love vegetables, but there is no way I could live the life of a vegetarian.

  5. I have watched the Disney thing several times! It is great!


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