Saint Patrick's Day/ Snow Day

I had such a fun weekend in town! My one roommate and I started out the day by going to try on her wedding dress and pick out a veil. She suggested that everyday would be a happier day if she started out by wearing a wedding dresses. Hah.

After leaving the bridal store we were greeted by the sunshine and springtime temps. At our house we are all kind of homebodies, but we learned that warm weather and wedding dresses really pump us up! We changed into some green tops, rolled the windows down, and headed to her fiance's for a Saint Paddy's day party. He lives in a bit of a frat house which is kind of overwhelming outside of college but fortunately we were in a rare mood to go out!
It was so much fun to walk into town with sunglasses and bare arms. We braved the crowds, enjoyed some cheap green beer, and neither of us had to pay for a single drink ;)

I think I needed a day like this to be a little young, wild and free. You see I've turned into a bit of a fuddy-duddy when I'm not with TJ (and even sometimes when I am with TJ. It's just I love to stay in and cuddle with him, you know?). And the other weekends when I'm stuck at home I just want to sleep in, stay on the couch, browse Pinterest and book my next flight South.

Sunday I had an actual excuse to sleep in and then I spent the rest of the day getting music ready for young life club (which would end up getting cancelled), playing on Pinterest, and unsuccessfully working on A-Z posts.  Later all the roommates and boyfriends (except TJ- sad face) made pizza. Usually I hate when the crew decides to make pizza. They take forever, it's a huge mess, the kitchen gets really hot, the crust is usually too hard.  Honestly I prefer delivery.

But I decided to be a trooper.  I had been reading the Marshalls Abroad blog and she makes gorgeous homemade pizza and actually doesn't take forever. So I went rogue and followed her plan and it turned out really tasty if I do say so myself.
After enjoying our pizza we all sat down to watch Walking Dead, with snow falling outside. Yep, you read that right... Saturday it was 70 degrees, and today I woke up to this. 
So I'm writing this post from my kitchen table. No work for this girl today. Must be the luck of the Irish!


  1. You girls are so cute! I say that everytime I'm here. Hope you enjoyed your snow day, and really hope it's the last of the snow!

  2. Sounds like a fun time minus the snow but yay to no work! Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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