Five on Friday

one. Last weekend I picked up some tulips from Whole Foods on sale three bunches for ten. I put them in a couple vases around the house and it instantly felt like Spring inside- fresh flowers and sunlight do that, you know. They've lasted all week but unfortunately it seems the warmer weather we got to enjoy is not going to last. More snow coming...
two. I am not travelling this weekend. And I didn't travel last weekend. And actually I don't have any flights booked until April and that feels like a long way away even though I guess it's really not. I have been going going going every chance I get. It seems every other Friday I haul my suitcase to work and head out. Long distance is hard y'all but I think TJ and I are pretty darn good at it. We're good on the phone and we're good at putting in the miles to close the distance between us. It's nice to have someone to miss and know that you are missed. And I know one day we will finally be in the same place at the same time for more than a long weekend.

three. Along those same lines though... I am just counting down the days until Spring so that I can then start counting down the days to summer. It's not that I want to wish away the time, I don't. But I do. March just feels soooo long. Especially when on the horizon I can see friends' weddings, lake weekends, bare legs, flip flops, warm nights...

four. It's not too soon to be dreaming of these things is it?
Some of my most recent pinterest finds really give me away...

five. Last April I participated in the A-Z challenge and blogged all about my travels (click here or here to see all those posts). It was hard work to blog 6 days a week but I really enjoyed it and felt like it helped me refresh my blog after a long winter. And I love looking back on those posts and having so many of my favorite memories documented. I want to do it again. Which means I want to start writing some posts now in preparation so I'm not doing them all the day before (or in a lot cases, the day of, from my desk at work....). The problem is I have so many thoughts but no theme and I really think I need a theme. Otherwise it's too overwhelming. I don't want it to be quite as specific as last year where each day was actual place. I want to have more room to let my words wander and explore- I want to have a little more freedom and maybe get a little more real.   Anyways... that's where I'm at with this. Maybe I'll do some brainstorming this weekend. If you're participating in the A-Z challenge let me know! Happy Friday!
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  1. #2-I love that quote!! I don't think I've seen it. Can't wait to see you in only 14 sleeps : )

  2. Here from the 5 on Friday link up! I LOVE tulips! They are great and they really do a good job of making the house feel like spring. I bought some fake ones for my kitchen table so I can enjoy them throughout the year (I kill plants almost instantly haha). Thanks for sharing. =)

  3. Pretty flowers I bought some yesterday in hopes for the feeling of spring....but I'm looking at a new dusting of snow and thinking it may never come!! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Loving all of your spring pins, especially the adorable romper! Can't wait for spring to finally get here!

  5. Hello from the link up! Your flowers are beautiful!! Loving everything you're dreaming of in #4!! :) Have a lovely week!


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