Happy Birthday T.J.

You know that boy I travel to see every chance I get? The one I actually spent the past weekend with? The one who has taken over my heart and a quite a bit of my blog content?

Well today is his birthday!
So I thought I would take some time and dedicate an entire post to him on his day so you could get to know him a little better. 

He is 26 years old today. 
He is so smart, I just... I can't even.
He is a planner. He makes lists and crosses them off.
He is a little bit better than me at making decisions.
He is on time and he is patient when I am not.

He is tall and steady. 
He has blue eyes and really cute dimples. 
He actually enjoys reading for fun.
His favorite song is Amarillo By Morning-George Strait. 
I think his favorite food might be peanut butter based on the daily ammount he consumes. 
He likes to look up the word of the day (today's word is hoodwink). 

He's adventurous and likes to get up and out and go. 
But he's always happy to snuggle inside and watch movies with me. 

He wakes up extra early to drive me to the airport or to put miles on his car to come visit.  
He texts me every morning to wish me a good day and he calls me every night to hear all about it.
He lets me go off about worries and woes but they all seem to disappear after talking to him. 

Life is definitely sunnier, better, more with him! I'm so glad he was born today, I'm so glad he's mine. 
Happy birthday TJ! 


  1. Very sweet. And any fan of George Strait sounds A-OK to me! Happy Birthday to your TJ. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your wonderful boy!

  3. You two make a darling couple! Happy Birthday TJ!

  4. What an adorable couple! Happy Birthday to TJ!

  5. Happy birthday TJ, I hope she spoils you lots when you get chance to celebrate together.

  6. So sweet! I am sure he had a happy birthday, sharing the weekend with you! BTW, I LOVE that he loves Amarillo by Morning...my favorite George Strait song too.

  7. Nice! Sounds like he's a good reason to keep coming south! Ain't love wonderful?? ( :


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