Sister Sister Weekend

Last week got the best of me and I never recapped the previous weekend with my sister.
A sisters only weekend. Just the two of us. A necessity.  
She gets me.
She picks me up- my spirits and from the airport. 

We sat on the floor of the mall and ate Dippin Dots while we simultaneously pointed out cute babies or weird get-ups and had serious heart talks about future stuff. 
We had a fancy dinner out, we split everything, and ended the night watching Pitch Perfect (again) in bed and eating Starburst jelly beans. 

We played with puppies at the humane society, and went to church, had lunch at my favorite college spot, and wandered around our campus in the pretty South Carolina weather. 
But all the things we did can't properly sum up the weekend or adequately explain how much I need her, these weekends, face to face time.

Because we just did our thing.
We just were together and that's all there is to it. Picking up right where our last phone call left off.
Talking about our boys, mom and dad, our jobs, and our separate but forever entwined together lives.


  1. Mom and Dad? Only good stuff, right : )
    You two are the cutest!

  2. Sometimes a weekend like that is the best medicine!

  3. I tell everybody, "I don't have friends, I have sisters"!!! I totally get that bond!


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