Nothing I hold on to.

It's been one of those weeks.
The ones where I've felt beaten. Where the little things that I normally brush off have piled up and weighed me down and broken my spirit. 

The car won't start.
The repairs are expensive.
The co-workers feel more like adversaries. 
The to-do list is unending. 
The boyfriend and the family are much too far away. 

I've cried on the phone to my mom not once, but three times this week. 
I've wanted to quit and run home.
I want to soak in the bathtub I don't have for a hour. 
I want summer to be here now. I have not been rational.

TJ calls me every night to hear about my day, to tell me about his. Talking to him and to my family is so dependably comforting. It's my favorite part of the day.  And this week I've had to apologize almost every night for whining about another day that I let get the best of me. I need to shut up already, I'm annoying myself. 

So I'm gonna let it go. It's Friday!!!
Bad work days, hyper sensitive emotions, car trouble. This is part of being a "grown up".
But it's all temporary. Today is another day. They wont always be so cloudy.
It's not worth holding on to my frustration and letting it build up and consume me.

I want to be a light in the world, in the work place, at home.
I want to have peace in my soul that doesn't make sense in the face of rough days.
Peace that is unmovable.
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So, I was treating myself to Starbucks this morning and listening to some music, wanting this day to start fresh without any stains from the days before. This song was the perfect motivation I needed for today so I wanted to share it here.

I lean not on my own understanding 
My life is in the hands of the Maker of heaven

I give it all to You God 
trusting that you'll make something beautiful out of me 

There's nothing I hold on to 
There's nothing I hold on to 
There's nothing I hold on to 
There's nothing I hold on to

I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open 
I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open 
Nothing I Hold On To- Will Reagan and United Pursuit. 


  1. I feel bad for dumping my idiocy on you with my blog button!!! Hang in there!!!

  2. Wishing you a super fantastic weekend that will put aside all the heaviness of the past week. An awesome song of such truth. I can't imagine a life without Christ. Great post!

  3. Great minds think alike. teehee : )

  4. Linked over here from your mom's blog... hang in there, hold tight to God, your true friends, and those who love you... Enjoy your weekend! Will pray you get some much needed rest and refreshment!

  5. I had not read this before we had lunch yesterday. I am sorry you had such a hard week! I hope your weekend is going better than the week. So glad we go to spend time with you yesterday. Love you! xoxoxoxoxo


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