Five on Friday

one. Wednesday night we were all hyped up. All day there had been talk and threats of tons of snow coming our way and we were ready! Around 9pm they announced the federal government would be closed the following day so I switched off my alarm and snuggled in to bed excited to sleep in thinking I'd wake up to a more realistic 6 inches (D.C tends to freak out and expect the worse and then we only get 1 inch- it's embarrassing).  Around 9 am I stirred and debated sleeping some more. I glanced at my phone and saw the text from my roommate announcing 13 inches!! 
So like any other kid on a snow day I leapt from my bed and hurried to the window. I know some of y'all are just so dang sick of all the snow. But seriously... it was just so pretty and clean and bright and I couldn't wait to play! I threw on my coat and rain boots right over my pjs and ran outside.
two. There was such a fun atmosphere in our little neighborhood. Everyone was out shoveling their cars and chatting with one another. After we had dug out all three of our cars (using one shovel and two lids from Rubbermaid bins...) we decided to have a little frozen fun.
I started rolling a small snowball together and before we knew it, the roommates and I were huffing and puffing and feeling like we were rolling one of those huge tires at a boot camp. It was the perfect snow man snow and after we successfully managed to roll the easily 200 pound center on top of the base (using physics and a ramp made out of snow) we were able to build the most perfect snow man!
Afterwards we treated ourselves to chocolate chip cookies and cheersed to the funnest snow day since the blizzard of '96.

three. By this point we were pretty wet and cold and worn out from all the heavy lifting.  We came inside and stripped off all the layers and reminisced over how as kids our moms used to make us come in through the garage and take all our wet clothes off outside and she would lay down towels so we wouldn't traipse snow through the house. Those were the days...

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch napping and watching Friends and the Olympics. And I also finished uploading a blog design I had done for StewMama Says. Stop by and check it out!

four. It's back to work today. We did have a 2 hour delay which was nice as it gave me time to clear off my car again after more snow fell last night. I also had time to pull together my suitcase because as much as I enjoy the pretty snow I am looking forward to a weekend out of town. I am heading to South Carolina for a sister weekend!! I can't wait to have a long weekend just us and I'm so glad that the weather sorted itself out before my flight tonight.

five. It's Valentine's Day! Now I'm not usually one to go all out for this day. I think it's fun to plan special treats and surprises and let people know you love them all year round. But I am a little sad I wont get to see TJ and tell him I love him in person. He surprised me with the sweetest package of some of my favorite things- candy, chocolate and tea and hand written mail- and I mailed him a little somethin' somethin' that was probably delayed by the weather but will hopefully tide him over until we see each other next.

Hope you all know you are loved today and everyday!


  1. Those were the days : ) These days are good too though. Have fun in SC...wish I were going too! Send me some pics xo

  2. That was a busy and productive snow day! Have a great weekend with your sister, and thanks again for my beautiful new blog. I love it!

  3. Love the snowman! Have a fun weekend!

  4. Awesome snowman and such a fun day off! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your sister!

  5. Those snow pics are AAAMAZING! That snowman is ridiculously (and awesomely) huge!!
    Love that Scripture so much too, sister! xx

    1. Thanks Elise! I suspect the snowman will still be standing long after the rest of the snow melts lol!


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