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I've been doing a ton of reading thanks to lots of time spent on planes and trains and long holidays at home. But I've been pretty bad about keeping a record so it's time to get caught up. Here is all that I read September through December this year:

1. The Kitchen House- Kathleen Grissom
I loved this and I read it 2 days. It was really tragic and sweet at the same time and it just made me cry. A lot. It reminded me a bit of The Help and a bit of Downton Abbey with all it's scandalous relationships and secrets.

2. The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets- Eva Rice
Honestly I had to go back and read the synopsis to remind me what this book was about.  It was actually pretty entertaining once I remembered. Mostly thought it was just a  fun, quick read.

3. Allegient- Veronica Roth
This is the third book in this series and it was my least favorite. I won't give any spoilers but lets just say I was less than pleased (read: distraught/heartbroken/ angry/ this is why 22 year old's shouldn't be allowed to write novels) with the conclusion and would actually be okay if the movie version had a different ending. Never though I'd say that. Don't let this discourage you from reading the series, though. The first two books are fantastic and so is the third.. up until the end...

4. Dancer-Colum McCann
This a historical fiction about Rudolf Nureyev, a famous Russian ballerina who defected in the sixties and was quite the celebrity. He ran in wild circles and lead a pretty hedonistic lifestyle (warning, the book is pretty detailed and graphic) but he was probably one of the best ballet dancers of all times. It was a really intimate and interesting look at communist Russia, and the ballet world.

5. The Great Santini- Pat Conry
I basically love anything written by this man and this was no exception. Boy does he know how to write flawed, lovable characters.

6. The Partner- John Grisham
Really suspenseful. A lot like The Firm.

7. Shadow of the Giant- Orson Scott Card
The final book in the Ender's Shadow quartet or the "Shadow Saga" and I loved everyone of them. I love the power he gives to children, the way he doesn't underestimate their strength, or their potential.  I didn't think I would enjoy reading sci-fi or about war games so much but they are so much more than that. And I feel like I would do much better at the game of Risk now. I'm not sure I want to read the other books in the Ender Series as everything is tied up so nicely in the end of this book.

Any suggestions/ must-reads for 2014??


  1. My daughter and I are reading the Veronica Roth series. She just finished the 3rd book and cried and is so angry! I'm half way through and hate it....Loved the first two books! This is the year I vowed to put down Candy Crush and read books and blog again...thanks for the bio some look really good! Happy 2014!

  2. Have you gone to the site Goodreads? It's awesome for keeping track of what you have read - and gives you the opportunity to rate and comment on the books. Plus, you can share your list with your friends and vice versa. It's a great "clearinghouse" for readers. Try it!

  3. Hi Shannon! I just came across your bog and I'm in love. Love your book selections, I've been looking for a new book to read.! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Stop by my blog sometime and say hello!



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