Five on Friday

one. I am heading out of town AGAIN this weekend.
This time to celebrate the wedding of a long time, really old friend. (I posted about her shower here).
I am so excited to see her get married. I just know her wedding is going to be sparkly and lovely.

two. When debating what dress to pack for this wedding weekend I realized that pretty much every dress I've worn to a wedding (as a guest) since college has been coral colored. I rotate around the same 3 dresses and all my pictures end up looking basically like the same wedding...
three. This time I said no! Not another coral dress! I went out on my lunch break yesterday and picked up this pretty little dress from Macy's and these heels from Nordstrom Rack. Don't worry though, I brought a coral pashmina to throw around my shoulders just in case.

four. Let's talk accessories...I'm bringing a few options. Right now I'm leaning towards the big Kate Spade studs but I'm not sure which necklace, if any I should wear. Any opinions? Maybe my mom will have a fun bracelet I can borrow.

five. While I know the bride and her family, I really won't know any other guests at the wedding other than my parents. But I have so much fun going to weddings with my parents! I love dancing with my dad, and my mom and I love to put our heads together and critique comment on all the wedding details. Plus I think it's good practice for them to see me at weddings so that when my day comes my dad won't need to be sedated.... who are we kidding, my dad is going to need to be sedated!

Hope you all have a fun weekend in store as well!
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  1. I might have to steal the shoes : )

  2. That's good thinkin'....I mean the part about sedation for me. xoxoxo Dad

  3. Coral is a great color on you....but I love your new pick....either necklace will look amazing! Have a great time and fun weekend!


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