It's Wednesday

I have a short week as I'm sure a lot of you do. Our office is closed Thursday AND Friday and we are closing down early on Wednesday.  So really, if you think about it, today is like my Wednesday. I have a pretty exciting month coming up and am hoping I can stay motivated while I'm living for the weekends.

This past weekend I took the train up to my parents.

On Saturday my mom and I went to a friend's bridal shower. This shower was for a girl I met on the first day of pre-school.  We became fast friends and stayed in touch after my family moved first to Maryland and then England. Her family even came and visited us overseas. I think it's so surreal that these two girls, whose friendship was founded on mutual shyness and a shared love of dress-ups and a good spinning skirt, are now grown-up girls celebrating weddings.  Guess the love of dressing up never goes away.
The shower was different from any other I've been to. For starters it was a surprise. The bride's fiance lured her under false pretenses to the restaurant where we were all waiting. I honestly had no idea it was a surprise and am really glad I didn't ruin it (you know my history with secret keeping). Apparently it's a rule in that part of New Jersey that the bridal shower has to be a surprise. But how shocked can you really be? I mean you are engaged- don't you kind of expect a shower at some point?

It was also different in that we had a full five course Italian lunch, complete with a pasta course and cannolis for dessert. Needless to say we were stuffed when we left the shower (four hours later). Mom and I were in need of a nap and in no way ready for a big dinner, so we spent the next few hours sitting outside just relaxing and listening to music . Since I didn't see my parents on my actual birthday they also gave me my birthday present, new portable iPod speakers, which definitely enhanced the outdoor experience.
It was even cool enough for Dad to build us a fire in the fire pit and he also grilled these giant Fred Flinstone steaks (vegetarians look away) which we enjoyed alfresco on the patio. 
Dinner was followed by Angel Food Cake with strawberries and whipped cream, my birthday cake of choice. I love how my family lets my birthday run all month long- how it should always be! 

The next day we had a leftover steak and eggs for breakfast and then my dad and I ventured out for a cruise around the lake in his MG. He also pulled into a parking lot on the way home and let me drive. I learned to drive manual on the other side of the car but it's been a while since my car required that much of me. I was pleasantly surprised that it's a bit like riding a bike. Although I was sweating at the end and I'm not sure I could handle shifting with my right hand. 
The rest of the day was spent playing pool and dominoes and watching movies on the couch. It was an easy peaceful day just enjoying my parent's company. I have a love/hate relationship with these short trips home. I love any second I get to spend with my family, but I hate that I have to turn around not even 48 hours later. Goodbyes are the worst, just ask this crazy pup...

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  1. Congratulations to your friend! It's really cool that you two, and your families have stayed in touch over all these years.

    1. I love the red car.

  2. What a fun weekend! I love your dad's MG. I can't imagine trying to relearn shifting with my left rather than my right--maybe that time between this practice and the last one was actually a good thing. :)

  3. I just had a flashback to the prized gray skirt, and Miss Janice with the crazy nails. So sweet you two are still buds! This post was precious.


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